Chinese Horoscope The Tiger 2017

The Tiger Chinese Horoscope for 2017

The Year of the Tiger is the third in the Chinese zodiac. Tiger years start at the Chinese New Year (new or dark moon) and in 2017 this is January 28. A new moon occurs at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle. Tiger years are 1926, 1938 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022 and so on.

image of a tree representing growth in life

Life in 2017 – Others Help You

As a tiger you’re probably used to having some control, but don’t be afraid to let others help you out now and again as they will in 2017. Work and play hard this year but don’t go overboard. Watch your stress levels, especially if you’re working really hard.

This is a mixed year of influences for Tigers, so keep everything in balance and you’ll be fine. Changes in your love life are more likely in 2017.

You’re likely to have power bursts this year so go with the flow and when you feel tired – rest and don’t push yourself. Be cautious of potentially dangerous situations and don’t take any risks, especially when going out or driving. Think on your feet and you’ll be fine.

Your social network is likely to increase along with your finances.

image of a loveheart representing the chinese horoscope

Love in 2017 – Change is Afoot

There is a lot of change in your romantic life this year, so make it worth your while and change what needs to be changed. So if you’re single, this is a good year to look for a partner. If you’re unhappy in a relationship, you are likely to do something to change the dynamics one way or the other.  There are unexpected consequences and unanticipated results from some of your actions, so be extra careful about pregnancy.

Try out new situations and meet new people. Take some courses and develop new interests. Go with the flow but don’t rush into anything.

If you’re in an established relationship, there may be instability with one or both partners changing their minds then changing the rules. Be careful you don’t accidentally grab a tiger by the tail!

image of a piggy bank representing money prospects in 2017

Money in 2017 – Increasing!

Communication in your career is pivotal this year. So try to remember that good communication and teamwork oils the wheels of your career advancement. In other words, go out of your way to encourage positive communication with your co-workers. Positive relationships at work will make your job a lot easier and happier.  Grab all suitable opportunities with both hands. A promotion with more money could result, so it’s worth the effort.

You are also more likely this year to have an increase in finances and you may find that someone could help you out with extra $$$. This is more likely if you are in business (or work with customers), when associates somehow help you out and the business expands. Business owners have auspicious energy this year. Use the extra money to pay off old debts, save some and have fun as well.

A word of caution, be careful when considering joint investments with partners. Carelessness especially here can lead to financial losses.

You may also consider up skilling this year and training/education is on the cards.

If you’re having financial problems, consider helping others out in some way, whether that be with volunteer work or tithing your already limited resources.