Chinese Horoscope the Snake 2017

The Snake Chinese Horoscope for 2017

The Year of the Snake is the sixth in the Chinese zodiac and it is harmonious with the Rooster sign on the Chinese Zodiac.  This often confers good luck in most areas of life including love, career and finances. Snake years start at the Chinese New Year (new or dark moon) and in 2017 this is January 28.  A new moon occurs at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle. Snake years are 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025 and so on.

image of a tree representing growth in life

Life in 2017 – Good Luck Coming

The Chinese Zodiac shows that good luck awaits Snakes in 2017. You are likely to receive approval and recognition this year along with unexpected promotion, bonuses, and luck in romance. You are likely to reinvent yourself this year, shedding old habits and situations that have held you back. Serpents will need to work at this and some of it won’t be easy, but a new life awaits you this year. So shed your skin and get started.

Go slowly and carefully, especially if you are travelling this year. Maintain your calm demeanour and don’t be drawn into unnecessary arguments. Snakes are generally honest, independent and love their freedom and their families.

Other people are likely to offer assistance to hardworking serpents, especially in career and business.

image of a loveheart representing the chinese horoscope

Love in 2017 – Love Sizzles

You are both the charmed and the charmer and people are drawn to you as if almost by magic. You can take advantage of your charms in 2017 and charm the pants off people this year as your love life sizzles.

You are likely to find a hot partner this year as the Universe smiles on your romantic prospects. Serpents are more lucky in love than in previous years. Therefore, get out and about more increasing your social network and making the most of these favourable energies in 2017.

Romance and passion is around many aspects of your life. If you already have a partner, there will be a deepening of the relationship. If you are single you are likely to find someone suitable. A word of warning however – be careful of gossip this year as some others may be jealous of your newfound popularity. Don’t get involved in arguments, stay calm and move on.

image of a piggy bank representing money prospects in 2017

Money in 2017 – Increasing Finances

Snakes can make money this year. Snakes have the knack of attracting good fortune this year as well if they work hard towards their goals. You also have a good mind finding answers to problems especially financial ones. This year you may start a home business or expand an existing one. You may be interested in health, real estate, advertising and media this year and as a result your income is likely to increase.

You may also update your skills and abilities to further your income. If you decide to study full-time, make sure you have sufficient funds behind you to carry you through. Laziness this year could be a downfall, so study and work hard.

You may be offered a job using your brain this year, especially in research or academia – it will be something where you get to use your analytical skills. There is also positive energy in business and an increase in finances, but do avoid risks when investing.