Chinese Horoscope The Ox 2017

The Ox Chinese Horoscope for 2017

The Year of the Ox is the second in the Chinese zodiac. Ox years start at the Chinese New Year (new or dark moon) and in 2017 this is January 28. A new moon occurs at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle. Ox years are 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021 and so on.

image of a tree representing growth in life

Life in 2017 – Hasten Slowly

Oxen are likely to be travelling fast this year as you will find more energy to do things you enjoy. Don’t go too fast and give yourself plenty of time to think things over before taking action. It’s a time to be decisive and express yourself clearly whilst taking the feelings of others into account.

Use this new burst of energy to complete projects or start new ones. Look after your physical body well and exercise appropriately, don’t overdo it.

Be cautious and don’t take unnecessary risks with your physical body. Also be cautious with animals you don’t know, as an injury might occur. Drive carefully and if you’re a passenger, only travel with people you know are careful and diligent drivers. If you’re not sure, try and go out with a trustworthy friend.

image of a loveheart representing the chinese horoscope

Love in 2017 – New Friends

Your intuition will stand you in good stead this year if you pay attention to the wee small whispers of your Soul in the middle of the night. It will be out with the old and in with the new in those situations and people who no longer vibrate at the same frequency will need to go. You will attract more likeminded people around you which is a good thing. Love could be quick and urgent, so do try to adopt a balanced approach by getting to know a person well before you leap into the exciting but turbulent waters of romantic love.

You should have plenty of energy for love during the time of the Red Fire Rooster, so pace yourself and don’t rush. As always, consider the feelings of those around you and be upfront and honest in any delicate discussions, including those about pregnancy or children.

You are likely to be more passionate than usual, especially towards the end of the year. If you’re stuck in an unfortunate relationship, know that if you act sooner rather than later, as time moves on, you are likely to be more successful. If you’re not feeling passionate about love, you could be putting too much energy into your career, try and balance up your life – don’t ignore your partner or you may regret it later. If you’re still single, there’s a stronger likelihood you’ll meet a suitable partner this year.

image of a piggy bank representing money prospects in 2017

Money in 2017 – Good Fortune

This year you are likely to be fortunate in career. It’s not luck bringing you good fortune, it’s you! You may be working harder and smarter than usual and others notice. You’ll be more decisive than usual and your concentration is legendary! You may be helping others in the workplace giving you an air of authority in a positive sense. Teaching others allows you to really show off your skills and talents. Those above you, are likely to approve and appreciate your efforts. You could even change jobs to a better position or get a promotion in your current job.

Your income is likely to increase during the year of the Red Fire Rooster and those in business have opportunities for expansion, even to the point they may need more staff to cope with demand. Investments are likely to do better but don’t go overboard. At all times, try and keep balance of all the areas in your life.