Chinese Horoscope the Dragon 2017

The Dragon Chinese Horoscope for 2017

The Year of the Dragon is the fifth in the Chinese zodiac and it is harmonious with the Rooster sign on the Chinese Zodiac. This often confers good luck in most areas of life including love, career and finances. Dragon years start at the Chinese New Year (new or dark moon) and in 2017 this is January 28. A new moon occurs at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle. Dragon years are 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024 and so on.

image of a tree representing growth in life

Life in 2017 – Brings Good Luck

Lucky Dragons this is a good year for you because your sign is harmonious with the Rooster. You may find that anything good started last year (Year of the Monkey) continues this year. Further luck and prosperity is also likely to visit you this year with opportunities in love, career and business. You are also likely to attract new friends offering you assistance and great opportunities.

At times you might be frantically busy as unforeseen changes force you to make various adjustments to your plans. Think of your path as providing you valuable experience and all the twists and turns are part and parcel of your journey.

This year luck will visit you and those born in the Year of the Dragon are often powerful and intelligent in some way. You are likely to have a good deal of determination and if you were born in the 1950’s you also have the Arrow of Determination in Numerology and therefore a double dose of determination!

There is likely to be time between frantic energy bursts and plenty of socialising, for you to relax and even take a holiday at some point. You are encouraged to do this when you can, because at other times you will be flat out with your plans and parties.

Be cautious of injury this year and take extra care around vehicles. Drive safely and carefully. Protect your head and face whenever possible.

image of a loveheart representing the chinese horoscope

Love in 2017 – Free Flowing

Dragons are often admired but sometimes their love lives get overly complicated. They are usually well thought of and they often see positive aspects in almost everyone. This year Dragons are likely to make many new friends, some of whom may lend a hand to help out. Despite this, singles may find difficulties in meeting the person of their dreams this Rooster year, but not through lack of trying. If you are already in a committed relationship, your love life should be better with smooth and harmonious communication oiling the wheels of commitment.

You are likely to be more expressive this year, than usual. This will attract new friends as you share your feelings and show a sensitive side of yourself often not seen by others. This free flow of communications also enhances your love life and your partner will appreciate your sensitive side. Pregnancy is likely this year if you do not take precautions, so be prepared.

You may have voices from the past coming back to you in the form of ex-partners or friends. You could even get back together with an ex, but before doing so, just remember why they are an ex! Leopards don’t usually change their spots. The choice will be yours, so consider what has passed between you previously and don’t sweep it under the carpet hoping this person has changed for the better. Time for a bit of Dragon lady to come out and express herself fully.

You are likely to be very much sought after by the opposite sex and this could cause problems if you’re already in a relationship. Please keep this in mind before you leap into another romantic liaison. Any romantic dalliance on the side could cost you dearly in more ways than one. Beware of love triangles as you could get cut on the corners.

image of a piggy bank representing money prospects in 2017

Money in 2017 – Prosperity Awaits

Dragons are likely to be lucky financially this year. Prosperity shines brightly upon you with opportunities likely in career including promotions and positive job changes. Business people will see expansion in business with new markets and new customers. Powerful dragons usually appear confident and dynamic and they often influence other people with their quick intelligence and powerful persistence. This is especially evident this year when career prospects are very promising. Expand your skills by upgrading your training part time.

Your finances are likely to improve so spend your money wisely but have a little fun along the way. Use your intuition and you might get a wind fall. The only caution comes at the end of the year where a temporary and unexpected glitch may upset your financial plans.

In all, quite a lucky year for you M/s or Mr Dragon, enjoy yourself!