Astrology Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2019

Astrology Solar and Lunar Eclipses for 2019

All eclipses whether lunar or solar, partial or total, are about change and transformation. They force us to confront our own shadow nature or dark side. Eclipses are a sign from the Universe that change will soon visit us on the Earth plane. That change doesn’t always occur on the exact date of the eclipse, sometimes it is weeks, months or even more than a year before or after the eclipse that something major happens. The power of solar eclipses normally lasts longer than lunar eclipses but that doesn’t mean that lunar eclipses are less potent. In fact, they may be more potent over a shorter period. An eclipse can be connected to the original source of events, but sometimes it takes the power of another planet passing over the same spot for the effect to be fully realised.

Differences between Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses

Solar Eclipses

The Moon is between the Sun and the Earth when it temporarily shields the Sun, so here on Earth we can’t see it. It is a New Moon (aka a Dark Moon). Although we should never physically look at an eclipse, spiritually we should look and explore the effects of eclipses. Spiritually speaking we lose consciousness and move into the realm of the dark unconscious. Thinking can become confused, we don’t see as much and may draw incorrect conclusions. It’s as if we’re in a bit of a fog. We are forced to ‘feel’ our way through rather than see where we’re going. This has the effect of causing us to rely on our other senses rather than visible evidence right in front of us. If you rely mostly on your analytical and cognitive abilities, then you will be more adversely affected than someone who is more holistic and relies on physical feelings, emotions and spiritual insight. Solar eclipses are akin to the masculine principle, being active, expansive, transmitting, positive polarity and being ‘right’. Solar eclipses are also more related to external events. Something happens in the outside world then we think, plan, react or better still respond, taking some kind of action. We expand our awareness of hidden dark things and bring them to the light of conscious awareness. This is a gift, even though events at the time may suggest otherwise.

Lunar Eclipses

The Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, often causing what is known as a ‘Blood Moon’ or a ‘Hunter’s Moon’. This is actually the shadow of the Earth upon the Moon. It’s quite an eerie event, if you’ve ever noticed the red to brown tones of the Moon during this time. At this time, we are most in touch with our own subconscious darkness. Famous psychiatrist Carl Jung called this the “shadow self” which is that powerful part of the subconscious of which we’re normally unaware. Lunar eclipses relate to the feminine, being receptive, magnetic, being left, negative polarity, destruction and darkness. They are more likely to cause inner turmoil and dark emotions to surface. When dark forces come up, resist the urges. Some may feel revenge is a meal best eaten cold, in other words, revenge is plotted but delayed until the most efficacious time to act. It is a strange dark place where opposites reign supreme over our conscious wishes. It is powerful and it can control us if we don’t make efforts to work with and integrate this energy. If we communicate and safely express our emotions, we can eventually take the edge off the darker aspects, so they no longer control us. It’s not all darkness and gloom however, there are also spiritual gifts deep down in the shadow self, some of which we are unaware of. These can be redeemed when working with the subconscious self and eclipses can help in this regard.

2019 Eclipse dates

partial solar eclipse  1. Partial Solar New Moon

5th/6th January 2019

15° Capricorn 25′

Earth – Overly serious, practicality, organised to the point of rigidity. All work and no play. Lack of spontaneity. Stuck in the mud. Try to have some fun but good for intense work.

Full Moon Eclipse  2. Total Lunar Full Moon

20th/21st January 2019

0° Leo 52′

Fire – Tendency for arguments. Boss of the wash. Domination and control. Unconscious striking out. Overly emotional. Try to stay calm and take a deep breath.

partial solar eclipse  3. Partial Solar New Moon

2nd July 2019

10° Cancer 38′

Water – Unbridled emotions, confused thinking, impatient action. Flowing ‘living waters’ – dirty then clean. Relationships, Moon, Fatherhood, Motherhood, children, home life being affected.

Full Moon Eclipse  4. Total Lunar Full Moon

16th July 2019

24° Capricorn 4’

Earth – Risks of poor judgement and impaired logic. Poor structure. Inattention. Disorganised. Mental facilities eg. Memory suffer. Emotions have real physical effects, careful of illness.

partial solar eclipse  5. Partial Solar New Moon

26th December 2019

4° Capricorn 7′

Earth – Overly serious, practicality, organised to the point of rigidity. All work and no play. Lack of spontaneity. Stuck in the mud. Try to have some fun but good for intense work.

You will see 2019 gifts us five eclipses – three Earth, one Fire and one Water sign.  An eclipse magnifies energy, it’s like a Supermoon on caffeine. It forces us to wake up, go down a path and take action at some point.  An eclipse shakes us turbulently to the core in order to effect change.  Earthquakes and detrimental weather sometimes occur around eclipses.

Cancerians will feel lunar eclipses intensely as they are ruled by the Moon whereas Leos will feel solar eclipses intensely because they are ruled by the Sun. In 2019 the only solar eclipse in Leo occurs on the 20th/21st January so watch out then dear Leos. As there’s only one solar eclipse on 2nd July for Cancerians and no lunar eclipses in Cancer this year, they will be just like the rest of us in what they feel in terms of intensity. If your birthday occurs on an eclipse or if an eclipse occurs in your sign, you are also likely to feel it more intensely.

Earth Sign Eclipses

Earth sign eclipses such as the eclipses 5th/6th January, 16th July in Capricorn and 26th December are likely to involve physical actions and structure.  Capricorn embodies these qualities at a physical level. Great care is needed as we often think we know when in fact we can’t see the full picture, this applies especially at work. Logic and analytical thinking may be compromised and confused when Capricorn would just rather get on and get the job done.

Fire Sign Eclipses

If an eclipse is in a fire sign like Leo on the 20th/21st January, there’s likely to be passion and fiery emotions such as frustration and aggression. Leo is about being dominant and in control. The 20th/21st January lunar eclipse suggests something powerful happens bringing up feelings however the action may not happen then, but rather later. There could be a precursor physical event in early January which is then more powerfully felt later. Likewise with all eclipses, the solar is more about action whilst the lunar is more about integration of experience.

Water Sign Eclipses

Water sign eclipses such as the eclipse 2nd July in Cancer are more likely to be about the rise and expression of repressed emotions and subconscious contents, although as a solar eclipse, there might be some action as well. This can make a mess of home and family life if one is not careful about the actions they take. Father, Mother, children, siblings could all be involved in family arguments at this time.  Partners could be playing the role of father or mother and both could be similarly affected. Keep a button on your mouth and remember “lose lips sink ships”.

Air Sign Eclipses

There are no Air sign eclipses in 2019 but if there were, they would be either Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.  An Air sign eclipse would cause issues in the mental realm affecting memory, cognition and judgement.

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