Aquarius Personality Traits

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Aquarius Personality Traits - The Water Bearer ( 20th January – 18th February )

Intelligent and logical, practical and imaginative, Aquarians also have a surprisingly spiritual nature. They can uniquely bridge the gap between science and spirit. The starsign of Aquarius is often associated with technology and especially now, the internet. They make good scientists, engineers or anything where analytical ability and logic is required.

Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius work well in groups, often helping others achieve their goals. They are innovative especially in science and technology. There is often latent psychic or healing ability, which blossoms as Aquarians mature. Aquarians need plenty of time and understanding from others to ‘find’ themselves, they will then return much.

Aquarians value independence and sometimes appear aloof, but it is usually more detachment rather than true aloofness. Aquarians can be fun and funny!

Key Energies of Aquarius

Eccentric but interesting, humorous, pioneering, unique, spiritual, detached, bad tempered, dislikes mediocrity. All of these personality traits go with Aquarius.

Aquarius Starsign Compatibility

Gemini, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius often make good partners for Aquarians.

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