2023 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

2023 solar and lunar eclipses

Eclipses Represent Change

All eclipses represent transFORMation and 2023 has four eclipses which is fairly usual.

  • Annular Total Solar Eclipse, April 20, 2023, at 3:58 pm, at 29° Aries 50′*
  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse May 6, 2023, at 3:35 am, at 14° Scorpio 58′*
  • Annular Solar Eclipse October 15, 2023, at 4:55 pm, at 21° Libra 08′*
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse October 29, 2023, at 7:24 am, at 5° Taurus 09′*

Solar Eclipses represent male aspects while lunar eclipses represent feminine energies. They usually occur close together, with the male aspects being more externalised in the case of solar eclipses, and the female aspects being more internalised with lunar eclipses.

Eclipses force us to confront our own shadow nature or the dark side of our personal subconscious. They are also a sign from the Universe that change will soon visit us on the Earth plane, and it can be unpredictable and unexpected change. Change doesn’t always occur on the exact date of the eclipse. Sometimes it is weeks or months before or after the eclipse that something truly transformative happens, and often it is a big or life-changing event.

Solar Eclipses = Action
Lunar Eclipses = Integration of Experiences

The power of solar eclipses normally lasts longer than lunar eclipses, but that doesn’t mean that lunar eclipses are less potent. In fact, they may be more potent in the short term. An eclipse can be connected to the original source of events, but sometimes it takes the power of another planet passing over the same spot for the effect to be fully realised or understood.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2023

New Pink Moon 2023

'New Pink Moon' Total Solar Eclipse - April 20, 2023 at 3:58 pm AEST

29° Aries 50′*

Aries is a Fire sign, so motivation and inspiration become more of a focus. Challenges to emotional composure such as anger and irritability are also likely. This is the type of energy that encourages or pushes us to do something. We may even act without much thought, so impulsivity can be a challenge particularly for all Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. As hard as it might seem, it’s best to go with the flow rather than try to maintain the status quo. We are being made ready for change and there’s no point in trying to suppress inner REALities. It could be uncomfortable initially but as time goes by, the changes will start to ‘bed in’ and feelings of security will emerge again.

Aries is a Cardinal mode star sign, along with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Often these star signs are good at instigating new situations, events and REALationships. However, after a while when things are not quite as exciting, they can lose interest or REALity sets in presenting normal life challenges to keep going. This solar eclipse might really shake things up for these star signs. At these times, it’s helpful for these star signs to introduce new elements or themes to add motivation and interest.

This eclipse is not visible from North or South America. The eclipse is visible from most of South/East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

Flower Moon

‘Flower Moon’ Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - May 6, 2023 at 3:35 am AEST

14° Scorpio 58′*

Scorpio is a Water sign so take special care of your emotions, and if you feel ‘triggered’ by anything… write, write and write it down! Take the edge off your feelings by expressing them on paper! It’s an emotional time for many now and there might be a special connection with women generally, or your mother. TransFORMation is happening now!

As a Fixed sign, Scorpio’s waters really do run deep and there are set beliefs deep down within unconscious oceans. Increasingly during 2023, Scorpios may experience ‘heavy seas’ when deeply held expectations are interfered with. Be prepared to change ‘tack’ as you adjust your course to meet the swell. Taurus, Leo and Aquarius are all likely to be similarly affected, so batten down those hatches and float a bit when you can. All will work out fine as you sail to your destination.

This eclipse is not visible from North or South America but is visible from most of Europe, China, India, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand and western Pacific Islands.

New Hunters Moon Annual Solar Eclipse

‘New Hunter’s Moon’ Annular Solar Eclipse - October 15, 2023 at 4:55 pm AEST

21° Libra 08′*

As Libra is an Air sign, it’s important to pay attention to your thoughts and thinking. You may find before and after this solar eclipse, your thoughts could be more confused, cloudy or vague. It’s a time for deepening the connection with your subconscious and watching in the ‘sky of mind’ as thoughts and visions appear. There may be more activity around masculine energies and you could be planning or strategising more so than usual. New beginnings can finally start!

Star signs most affected are Cardinal Mode signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. This solar eclipse could bring extra thinking energy so do be cautious not to ‘overthink’ situations. You might think you know what’s happening, however changes are likely and making decisions can become more difficult than usual.

This eclipse is only visible from Canada and the Americas.

Hunters Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse

‘Hunter’s Moon’ Partial Lunar Eclipse - October 29, 2023 at 7:24 am AEST

5° Taurus 09′*

As Taurus is an Earth sign, TransFORMation will probably happen gradually in most cases. Practical matters and money become more important. Challenges to the physical body, laws, structures, corporations, and organisations are also likely. A change in the air is finally brought down to Earth. As hard as it might seem, it’s possibly better to create a flow rather than try to maintain the status quo. It could be uncomfortable initially, but as time goes by, the changes will start to ‘bed in’ and feelings of security will emerge again. Be patient, and all will become clear.

Taurus is a Fixed mode star sign, along with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These star signs can have rather fixed ideas about how things should be. This lunar eclipse might really shake things up for these star signs. Let go of some old ideas about ‘shoulds’ and start thinking about ‘coulds’. It’s time to leave the past behind and embrace the future!

This eclipse is visible from Europe, Russia, China, Asia, Africa, Australia, North/East South America, Far North Eastern America, Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctica.

2023 Gifts Us Four Eclipses in all Elements!

We have eclipses in all four elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth in Fixed signs Scorpio and Taurus and Cardinal signs Aries and Libra. Trying to balance change with the status quo will become a necessity. An eclipse magnifies energy; it’s like a Supermoon on caffeine, rousing you to alertness. It forces us to wake up, go down a path and take action at some point. Eclipses shake us turbulently to the core in order to effect change.

Earthquakes, volcanic activity, and detrimental weather sometimes occur around eclipses, so do take care, especially if you live in areas such as New Zealand, Indonesia, or the USA.

Cancerians may also feel the April 20 and October 15 lunar eclipses quite intensely as they are ruled by the Moon. If your birthday occurs on an eclipse or if an eclipse occurs in your sign, you are also likely to feel it more potently.

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Eclipses by Modes

Astrologically speaking, star signs fit into three modes or modalities – Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, each with their own characteristics. Eclipses affect all signs of the same mode more than other signs in different modes.

There are no eclipses in Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. This basically means that these signs will be less affected.

All eclipses are in Cardinal (Aries, Libra) and Fixed mode signs (Taurus, Scorpio). Taurus particularly needs to watch for stubbornness and Libra for confusion and overthinking! Try to go with the flow this year… swimming against the tide just won’t work. Be flexible…practice and embrace change.

*Times are AEST.