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2022 Numerology Year Number 6

2022 Number 6 Year

A Universal 6 Year in 2022 – The Background Noise to your Personal Year

2022 is a 6 year because 2+0+2+2 = 6

2020 and 2021, although turbulent, set the foundations for new beginnings to filter through to more people. In 2020 the demolition of society as we knew it began. It became clear that we must change and adapt quickly to the new conditions that Covid and climate change present. 2020 was a 4 year that is normally about building, but sometimes we have to demolish and clear the area to start the rebuild. So 2020 became more about demolition as a preparatory step for our 2021 foundations when we became aware of what was needed and possible pathways to get there.

Building New Foundations

Now, in 2022 we can start to build a proper framework of our new home. The Earth is our home, and we MUST (I rarely use this word) take personal responsibility to heal ourselves and our planet.

These new foundations – home, family, community, and responsibility will be key in 2022. Love and loss also feature, and relationships, where people fail to take up the mantle of responsibility, will suffer to the point that some will break down completely. Depending on our own personal numerology and astrology, some of us will grow new structures in life. This may include starting a new business or important relationship, growing our family, changing jobs by taking on a leadership role, or something with more responsibility. We will need plenty of space to grow, and communing with nature will help with this.

An important KEYword is ConTRIBUTion, where we all pay some sort of ‘tribute’ forward to aid society. This might be taking a vaccine we would prefer not to, but we do it to protect others. Or perhaps we volunteer or donate to a cause. We help others and protect, nurture and care for ourselves and our families.

Tons of Female Energy!

In 2021 there was a double 2 representing double feminine energy and the masculine energy of the number 1, bringing more form and structure. These opposite forces played out a type of ‘push me, pull you’ energy whilst trying to find balance. Although, the feminine, dark ‘unexpected’ energy still reigned, bringing both destruction and creation.

2022 brings even more feminine energy with 3 x 2’s and a zero.

2 also represents ‘the other’, including personal and professional partners, your spouse, and other people. It’s about sharing and compromise. Masculine energy is absent from the equation… it’s taking a back seat. Those people coming from a masculine perspective will lose power this year! Those who have integrated a balance of male and female will become more powerful!

There is also a single 0 in 2022, representing the void or limbo of being patient and waiting for what we want. Our orders are into the restaurant of the Universe. We wait now for them to be fulfilled.

Astrologically, Saturn squares Uranus until October 2022, and these two planets have been ding donging for a while now. The swinging pendulum will find the neutral balance of zero. Saturn’s conservatism, authoritarianism and holding steadfastly to the past will collide with Uranus’s rebelliousness, innovation, and freedom-loving aspects. Saturn is traditionally thought of as being masculine, (although there’s some conjecture on this point), and Uranus is neutral – neither male or female. This gives us a turbulent background while dark, quiet and receptive feminine energies stand by and watch this argument to be settled.

Time to Work Together this Decade

One silver lining to the turbulence we have all been experiencing is that large numbers of people are now REALising that pure isolationism doesn’t really work very well as ‘no man or woman is an island’. We need each other! This decade there will be a large collective move to the left, so people are gradually becoming more forward-thinking and considerate of others and the planet. The feminine energy gains real power in the world. Expect to see more women taking responsibility by stepping up into leadership positions.

In 2022 this is REALity.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 2 ( Feminine Vibration )

Integration, sharing and caring  Building, relationships, partnerships, psychic ability.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 0 ( Feminine Vibration )

The Power of No Thing – Stillness, patience, beingness, acceptance.

During 2022 it’s important to:

Relax | Be Receptive | Create | Use Intuition | Balance work and personal | Take time out | Grow | Be responsible | Take care of others | Release | Seek freedom | Foster Abundance| Do ‘due diligence’ | Spend time with loved ones | Value your own boundaries | Balance the opposites in your life | Feel all your feelings |Share|

We Are TransFORMing in 2022

Try to relax and have some fun this year… let your excitement show as you express your creativity. There are some ups and downs, but in short, 2022 should be more positive than what we’ve been through. The last few years have been a very hard and turbulent slog for many. We have actually turned an important corner, and we’re moving forward again into a brand new era.

Changes are continuing regarding money systems, and we can expect cryptocurrencies to become more mainstream over the next few years. The Universal 6 year brings many opportunities to grow and expand. We can expect paper money, the fiat system, and a number of financial system alternatives to exist side by side for a long time yet. New technology and ecology become even more important. The ‘new community’ is gaining ground.

Don’t give up or lose hope. Hold firm to the seed of peace deep down in your heart and nurture this. Know that you are the light and amplify these energies out to the world so that others and the environment can benefit.

As with any divination system, there is always an ‘X’ factor of not knowing every detail, and free will overrides all. We do, however get powerful themes and clues that we can reflect upon and use to make decisions that will be for the greater good of humanity, the planet, and all her creatures.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and abundant 2022 from Rose x.

Read this information in tandem to your own personal year number which you can find on our Free Numerology page here.

Rose Smith
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