2021 Numerology Year Number 5

Numerology in 2021 Number 5 Year

A Universal 5 Year in 2021 – The Background Noise to your Personal Year

2021 is a 5 year because 2+0+2+1 = 5

2020 proved to be an extremely turbulent year which was particularly unnerving as it was a 4 year where we should have been building foundations. However, sometimes we must demolish first before rebuilding. So, 2020 became more about demolition as a preparatory step for our 2021 foundations.

These new foundations will need to allow for the personal restlessness and adventure as many of us will experience these drives strongly in 2021. In this year, there will be a great need to escape from restrictive situations and explore new horizons. We will need plenty of space to grow and walking in nature will help with this.

Balancing Energies a Key Theme

2021 is a year to take balanced and calculated risks in stepping out to gain a larger vision of life. It is important that these risks be managed and appropriate to our individual circumstances whilst being considerate of others. The number 5 is in the middle of the cycle, there are 4 numbers either side and so balancing opposite energies are a key theme this year. We especially need to balance our own needs and those of others.

Make More Time for R & R in 2021!

Similar to 2020 it will be important to have plenty of time out for rest and relaxation in 2021. R & R should be written into your calendar to ensure you actually take time to rejuvenate. More than usual people could experience racing thoughts and become dominated by the mind. Restless nights impinging on sleep could give rough nights as people mull problems over and over in their minds.

It’s really important to maintain balance in emotions, spirituality and physicality with what goes on in your mind. Don’t let your mind or anyone else’s dominate you this year. Maintaining proper balance will help you magically manifest your desires in the physical world – you can make stuff real!

It is also good year for socialising, getting out into nature and finding a sense of release and liberty. 2021 is a more balanced year than 2020 regarding the planets and the elements -air, water, earth and fire.

Balancing Female and Masculine Energy

2020 had the vibration of feminine energy and in 2021, we are transitioning away from the totality of feminine qualities of beingness, receptivity and darkness. In 2021 there is a double 2 representing double feminine energy, and also the masculine energy of the number 1, bringing more form and structure. These opposite forces will play out a type of ‘push me, pull you’ energy whilst trying to find balance. Although, the feminine dark ‘unexpected’ energy still reigns bringing both destruction and creation.

Aim Towards Being More Practical

In short in 2021 we should be aiming towards being more concrete and practical whilst staying in touch with our feminine side. During this time, restrictions may chafe and we need to find appropriate ways to strive towards freedom and gain some excitement in our lives whilst paying heed to those limitations.

There is also a single 0 in 2021, and this represents the void or limbo of being patient and waiting for what we want. Astrologically, Saturn squaring Uranus which sees these two planets ding dong it out for a while before the swinging pendulum finds the neutral balance of zero. Saturn’s conservatism, authoritarianism and holding onto the past will collide with the rebelliousness, innovation and freedom loving aspects of Uranus.

Time to Work Together this Decade

One silver lining to the turbulence we have all being experiencing is that large numbers of people are now realising that pure isolationism doesn’t really work very well as no man is an island. We need each other! This decade there will be a large collective move to the left, so people are gradually becoming more forward thinking and considerate of others and the planet.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 2 ( Feminine Vibration )

Integration, sharing and caring  Building, relationships, partnerships, psychic ability.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 0 ( Feminine Vibration )

The Power of No Thing – Stillness, patience, beingness, acceptance.

image of the universal male symbol in purple

Number 1 ( Male Vibration )

The Mental Realms – Direction, goal orientated behaviour, practical action, individualism.

During 2021 it’s important to:

Have common sense | Think clearly | ‘Play by the rules’ | Let go of the past | Take action | Maintain balance | Help others | Take care of the environment | Stand with integrity | Release restrictions | Seek freedom | Cautiously expand | Do ‘due diligence’ | Take time out | Spend time with loved ones | Value your own boundaries | Balance the opposites in your life | Feel all your feelings.

We Are Transforming in 2021

Try to have some fun this year… let your excitement show as you express your creativity. There are some ups and downs, but in short 2021 should be more positive than 2020 which has been a very hard and turbulent slog for many. We are turning a corner now and it’s the beginning of a new era.

There are changes continuing regarding money systems and we can expect cryptocurrencies to become more mainstream over the next few years. The number 5 brings balance so we can expect paper money, the fiat system and a number of financial system alternatives to exist together for a long time yet.

A Time for Awakening

2021 is a significant part of the cycle that transitions us into a new era this decade. Although there will be confusion, conflict and chaos especially over the next few years, this is necessary for our personal evolution and the growth of humanity. People will awaken through the highs and lows of their Earthly experience.

Don’t give up or lose hope, hold firm to the seed of peace deep down in your heart and nurture this. Know that you are the light and amplify these energies out to the world so that others and the environment can benefit.

As with any divination system, there is always an ‘X’ factor of not knowing every single detail and the fact that free will overrides all. We do however get powerful themes and clues that we can reflect upon and use to make decisions.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and abundant 2021 from Rose x.

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