2020 The Tiger Horoscope

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The Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2020

2020 is the Year of the white Metal Rat. A new cycle begins in 2020 for everyone as it’s the beginning of the new zodiac cycle. The final animal in the Chinese zodiac – Pig had its year last year 2019.

The Tiger is the third sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese New Year is set by a complicated formula, part of which relates to the first new (or dark) moon of the year, so the Chinese New Year begins at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle. You were born in the Year of the Tiger if you were born during one of these periods:

Jan 31 1938 – Feb 18 1939 | Feb 17 1950 – Feb 5 1951 | Feb 5 1962 – Jan 24 1963 | Jan 23 1974 – Feb 10 1975 | Feb 9 1986 – Jan 28 1987 | Jan 28 1998 – Feb 15 1999 | Feb 14 2010 – Feb 2 2011

If you were born before the first date mentioned but in the same year, you are the animal sign of the Ox aka Cow e.g. born in 1938 before January 31, you are the sign of the Ox. Or born in 1950 before February 17 you are the sign of the Ox and so on.

In Chinese astrology, the main personality traits of the Tiger zodiac sign are… Ambitious | Self Confident | Bold | Domineering | Resolute | Intelligent | Unpredictable | Exciting| Brave | Active

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2020 Life, Love & Loot Prospects

Your 2020 Chinese Tiger Horoscope indicates that overall Tigers should have some good luck this year. Tigers are likely to feel strong and confident this year, in alignment with their natural constitution. Tigers will reap the rewards of what has been sown in the past.

Tigers are likely to be perceived as being very attractive and magnetically appealing in 2020 as there is much fire energy around them. But don’t let Tiger’s capability of anger get in the way of good relationships either personally or in business. Tigers are likely to be feeling particularly passionate which helps them reach their goals.

The Year of the Rat is likely to give Tigers good luck in career or areas where they have to show their leadership. People will notice Tigers in 2020 for their take charge attitude and their ability to take calculated risks. Others may wish to partner up with Tigers in business or pleasure as their warmth and magnetic appeal are strong.

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2020 Life

In the Year of the Rat 2020, water is present. Tiger has wood, fire and earth elements but water can extinguish fire. Tigers are likely to have difficult emotions if they overreach or go too far this year. However, the wood of Tiger is great to burn in the fire energy of Tiger. So Tiger’s own resources will help them on the journey of life… just use discernment and don’t overdo it. Wood can be a metaphor for tree, so Tigers can stand tall this year and probably obtain some leadership position or be noticed by someone special.

Tigers can be either very talkative or quite quiet! They make noise when they want to so don’t push them into having D&Ms if they’re not in the mood!

If you’re a Tiger, don’t try and fake it till you make it, rather face it till you make it! Use your quiet time to go within and really feel what’s going on with you. No need to put on a brave face just be who you are… you beautiful Tiger YOU!

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2020 Love

Your Tiger horoscope indicates that if you’re a coupled Tiger life goes along as usual, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of change if you’re in a committed relationship. A loving relationship will probably continue with more love being available

If you’re looking for a partner it may take a bit of time to find someone suitable in 2020. This is because 2020 doesn’t have the wood element which is associated with Tiger. Tigers do however have lots of fire energy which makes them warm and attractive to other people. So you could meet lots of potential mates however, finding the right one is the issue. You’re likely to be very social and form new connections in the physical and online worlds.

Love Chemistry

Love Compatibility

Tiger gets along very well romantically with Dragon, Horse and Pig. Ox, Tiger and Monkey may be problematic however. Sheep can make a good friend for Tiger.

You can start a relationship with the right person and you are likely to have several chances to meet Mr or Ms Right so keep on trying till you get there!

Chinese Horoscope Money Year of the Pig

2020 Loot

Your 2020 Chinese Tiger horoscope shows Tigers may not be feeling overly motivated with regard to career change in 2020. If you decide to change jobs, smart Tigers will really check things out first. Do your due diligence and research everything thoroughly. Most importantly, examine how you really feel, not what you think. You may think you want a change but do you? Are you ready for the changes you have to make to fit into a new job in 2020?

It may take more time than expected to find a suitable position, but there are people who will probably help you if you make the decision to change.

As far as money is concerned, it’s unlikely you’ll win lotto this year! Your money energy is ok but not great. You’ll probably go along more or less as you have been with some wins and some losses. Be careful of making new investments, get some professional advice first.

Before making any important decisions, it would be wise to get an astrology report or have a psychic reading with one of our psychic readers before making major decisions.

Have a wonderful Year of the Rat, it’s a time of discernment and increasing your experience and knowledge dear Tiger!

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