2020 The Sheep Horoscope

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The Sheep Chinese Horoscope 2020

2020 is the Year of the white Metal Rat. A new cycle begins in 2020 for everyone as it’s the beginning of the new zodiac cycle. The final animal in the Chinese zodiac – Pig had its year last year 2019.

The Sheep also known as the Goat is the eighth sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese New Year is set by a complicated formula, relating to the first new (or dark) moon of the year, so the Chinese New Year begins at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle. You were born in the Year of the Sheep if you were born during one of these periods:

Feb 4 1943 – Jan 24 1944 | Jan 24 1955 – Feb 11 1956 | Feb 9 1967 – Jan 29 1968 | Jan 28 1979 – Feb 15 1980 | Feb 15 1991 – Feb 3 1992 | Feb 1 2003 – Jan 21 2004 | Feb 19 2015 – Feb 7 2016

If you were born before the first date mentioned but in the same year, you are the animal sign of the Horse e.g. born in 1943 before February 4 you are the sign of the Horse. Or born in 1955 before January 24 you are the sign of the Horse and so on.

In Chinese astrology, the main personality traits of the Sheep or Goat zodiac sign are… Artistic | Kind | Calm | Reserved | Happy | Fragile | Self Disciplined | Timid | Honest | Shy | Passive

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2020 Life, Love & Loot Prospects

According to your 2020 Chinese Sheep Horoscope, Sheep aka Goats will have good luck in 2020, although there are ups and downs in different areas of life. Sheep is connected to yin Earth and Rat is connected to cold yin Water, therefore these can work together. Of course too much Water could flood Earth but some Water can be absorbed by Earth. Even in the case of flooding, Water will dissipate after time. The Year of the Rat will be helpful to Sheep. Focus on the opportunities and Sheep can overcome any challenges with work and a positive attitude.

You have ‘Dragon’ and ‘Virtue Star’ which are very auspicious stars in 2020. You have more authority and power this year, especially in your career. There are heaps of opportunities if you act dear Sheepies. You can resolve longstanding problems and challenges in this lucky year!

Sheep also have ‘Jade Hall’ and ‘Earth Relief’ giving you great luck with investments, especially real estate and finances. But on the negative side you have ‘Dark Sky’ impacting you with minor health or wellbeing issues. Sheep also have ‘Brutal Defeat’ indicates sudden endings in relationships or situations.

Some quick psychic predictions for famous Sheep:

  • Pamela Anderson – some grief around her, like the rug has been pulled out from underneath her. I really feel her grief, she has a big heart. Could be related to Julian Assange perhaps?
  • Nicole Kidman – children are prominent. She could adopt a child or become closer to her own children who have been at arm’s length due to involvement with Scientology & ex Tom Cruise.
  • Mick Jagger… some sad news emerges – could be illness or something close to his heart.
  • Mel Gibson… expands his life in some way, new projects or more children. He’s a goer!
  • Jeff Bezos… more troubles strike, Amazon is part of this. Bad press that just doesn’t let up, every detail examined. His ex-wife is also prominent… I see her face; we’ll hear more about her.
  • Pink could announce a pregnancy or something to do with children… the colour pink is also important… maybe a girl child?
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2020 Life

In the Year of the Rat 2020, Water is present. Rat is yin Water and Sheep is yin Earth, so they can work together. The only issue comes if you already have a lot of Water in your chart but even so Water flows away and is absorbed by Earth, so any challenges are most likely temporary.

However, this year there are many opportunities and good luck for Sheep! Rat years often give stress, so it could be a little stressful at times so take care of your health and stay calm. Sheep who could come into legal matters in 2020 should be cautious by trying to avoid them in the first place.

Sheep can avoid ‘wet diseases’ such as flus, viruses, urinary, bladder and kidney issues. Sheep should ensure they get sufficient sunlight, 20 minutes of morning sun daily is helpful to for your vitamin D levels. Keep your immune system working properly with garlic, supplements and pure water.

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2020 Love

2020 has good luck for Sheep love.

Sheep looking for love this year, are likely to find it! Grab all opportunities with both hands! The Rat is a romantic animal and in the Year of the Rat, romance is in the air. It’s possible to fall in love at first time but you should not rush toward commitment. Just let nature take its course and go with the natural flow. Any pushing or pulling your partner could backfire, so just go along, make some compromises and all will be well.

Married Sheep are likely to have more harmony and bliss in their marriage this year. It would be good to plan a trip together and get away where you can concentrate on each other. This will help strengthen your relationship for the future.

Love Chemistry

Love Compatibility

Sheep get on well romantically with Rats, Rabbits, Horses and Pigs. Oxen, Dragons, Snakes and Dogs could be problematic partners however. Tigers can make good friends.

Sheep could really fall in love in 2020!

Chinese Horoscope Money Year of the Pig

2020 Loot

In terms of your career dear Sheep, you could get a promotion or a job that pays more in 2020. Although there may be a steep learning curve for a new job, you will be quite capable of overcoming challenges, so if you heart leads you… go to it!

Although the Year of the Rat brings stress to many zodiac signs including yours, this year is time for expansion and making your dreams solid and real. It may take some time to achieve your dreams, but if you feel confident and secure in yourself, then go ahead.

You are likely to have more opportunity to make money in 2020 dear Sheepie! So manage your money properly and all will be fine.

Before making any important decisions, it would be wise to get an astrology report or have a psychic reading with one of our psychic readers before making major decisions.

Dear Sheepies any problems you encounter this year are likely to be overcome. Do try not to stress and take care of yourself properly and you will have lots of golden opportunities to act upon.

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