2020 The Horse Horoscope

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The Horse Chinese Horoscope 2020

2020 is the Year of the white Metal Rat. A new cycle begins in 2020 for everyone as it’s the beginning of the new zodiac cycle. The final animal in the Chinese zodiac – Pig had its year last year 2019.

The Horse is the seventh sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese New Year is set by a complicated formula, relating to the first new (or dark) moon of the year, so the Chinese New Year begins at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle. You were born in the Year of the Horse if you were born during one of these periods:

Feb 15 1942 – Feb 3 1943 | Feb 3 1954 – Jan 23 1955 | Jan 21 1966 – Feb 8 1967 | Feb 7 1978 – Jan 27 1979 | Jan 27 1990 – Feb 14 1991 | Feb 12 2002 – Jan 31 2003 | Jan 31 2014 – Feb 18 2015

If you were born before the first date mentioned but in the same year, you are the animal sign of the Snake e.g. born in 1942 before February 15, you are the sign of the Snake. Or born in 1954 before February 3 you are the sign of the Snake and so on.

In Chinese astrology, the main personality traits of the Horse zodiac sign are… Diligent | Friendly | Clever | Sophisticated | Talented | Vain | Romantic | Stubborn | Generous | Outspoken

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2020 Life, Love & Loot Prospects 1/2

According to your 2020 Chinese Horse Horoscope, overall Horses will have reasonable luck in 2020, although there are ups and downs in different areas of life. Horse is connected to yin Fire and Rat is connected to cold Water, therefore these two are opposite elements so there could be some difficulties this year to overcome. However, there are opportunities and Horse can overcome challenges.

Water extinguishes Fire so inspiration and motivation could be diminished this year, dear Horses you may not feel comfortable in going after things. You should also pay attention to your health. If you’re feeling down or a bit flat, over time this could impact on your wellbeing and eventually health. You need to take proper care of yourself in 2020. Rat is connected to rain water and this could put a dampener on your career aspirations. You might just not feel like changing or putting yourself out very much with regard to career in 2020.

With so much Water in 2020 there could be ‘wet diseases’ such as flus, viruses, urinary, bladder and kidney issues. Horses should ensure they get sufficient sunlight, 20 minutes of morning sun daily is helpful to for your vitamin D levels. Keep your immune system working correctly with garlic and pure water.

Ex Vice President Joe Biden and Australian Senator Pauline Hanson were both born in the Year of the Horse. Both Biden and Hanson are likely to encounter stiff opposition in 2020, as Horse career energy is not so lucky.

‘Year Breaker’ is a negative star affecting Horses in 2020. There’s a clash with Tsai Sui (Grand Duke) resulting in big career challenges. Both Pauline Hanson and Joe Biden could step down or slow down in some way. It’s a time to be quiet and avoid confrontation which is not ideal for politics!

Horses can develop themselves especially their emotional quotient (EQ) and do some retraining. 2020 is a time to plan and strategise about your future. Seek advice from mentors and those you trust. Avoid arguments. Develop your potential and invest in yourself. Stop worrying!

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2020 Life

In the Year of the Rat 2020, Water is present. Snakes are Fire whilst Rat is Water. Fire and Water are opposites and Water can overcome Fire. The wet Rat energy of 2020 can overcome the natural fiery inclinations of those born in the Year of the Horse and Rat can produce a lot of stress.

However, this year there are still opportunities and for clever Horsies! It could be a little stressful at times so take care of your health and stay calm. Horsies could come into conflict or arguments this year and should be careful.

Next year will be a much better year for you dear Horsies, so take care of yourself, work and plant seeds for next year when various areas of your life will bloom.

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2020 Love

2020 has some good energy for Horse love.

If you’re a female Horse, although there are some challenges, there are some good bits in romance too! Although it will take more time for male Horses to find true love, if you’re a female Horse and you’re sincere in your intentions, love will find you!

Go slow because initially you may not be too certain which way it’s going to go, but as you get to know the person, things will progress. Fire of Horse and Water of Rat are incompatible but female horses have much better luck than male Horses.

If you’re a coupled Snake, your relationship will bring up subconscious things to be released but from this you will gain knowledge and wisdom that eventually brings you closer together.

Love Chemistry

Love Compatibility

Horses get on well romantically with Tigers and Sheep. Rats, Oxen, Horses and Roosters could be problematic partners however. Snakes and Pigs can make good friends.

Female Horses could fall in love in 2020!

Chinese Horoscope Money Year of the Pig

2020 Loot 1/2

In terms of your career dear Horses, you need to exercise caution as there could be disagreements in the workplace. Your fiery and inspirational energy could bring challenges at work. But your financial situation probably won’t change very much in 2020. Whilst you probably won’t win lotto this year, you can earn extra money through your career. Don’t overspend and you’ll be fine.

Before making any important decisions, it would be wise to get an astrology report or have a psychic reading with one of our psychic readers before making major decisions.

Dear Horsies any problems you encounter this year are likely to be overcome. Do try not to stress and take care of yourself properly. That way you can have a more expansive year in 2021. Take vitamin D and get sufficient sunshine and movement outdoors, go for a run in the sun! You will feel much better.

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