2020 The Dog Horoscope

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The Dog Chinese Horoscope 2020

2020 is the Year of the white Metal Rat. A new cycle begins in 2020 for everyone as it’s the beginning of the new zodiac cycle. The final animal in the Chinese zodiac – Pig had its year last year 2019.

The Dog is the eleventh sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese New Year is set by a complicated formula, relating to the first new (or dark) moon of the year, so the Chinese New Year begins at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle. You were born in the Year of the Rooster aka Chicken if you were born during one of these periods:

Feb 1 1946 – an 21 1947| Feb 18 1958 – Feb 8 1959 | Feb 6 1970 – Jan 26 1971 | Jan 25 1982 – Feb 12 1983 | Feb 10 1994 – Jan 30 1995 | Jan 29 2006 – Feb 17 2007 | Feb 16 2018 – Feb 4 2019

If you were born before the first date mentioned but in the same year, you are the animal sign of the Rooster e.g. born in 1946 before February 1 you are the sign of the Rooster. Or born in 1958 before February 18 you are the sign of the Rooster and so on.

In Chinese astrology, the main personality traits of the Dog zodiac sign are… Loyal | Big Hearted | Honest | Responsible | Brave | Impatient | Conservative | Anxious | Active | Creative

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2020 Life, Love & Loot Prospects

According to your 2020 Chinese Dog Horoscope, Dogs should have good luck in many areas of life in 2020. Dogs are connected to Yang Earth, some Yin Fire, and Yin Metal. As 2020 is the Year of the metal Rat with Yin Water and some metal, Dogs should do just fine. Earth absorbs Water, so any stress the Water element brings will be used by Dogs to forge ahead and achieve their goals. Dog being Earth is like a mountain that the Water of Rat flows down. A mountain spiritually represents a big challenge, usually having some physical effects. Watery emotions flow and are absorbed by the mountain. Dogs will climb mountains this year and succeed!

Dogs have the following positive and negative stars:

  • ‘Month Killing’ can indicate picky, gossipy women who cause stress and annoyance.
  • ‘Sky Dog’ indicates minor annoyances that you have to put up with. There may be small health issues.
  • ‘Blood Knife Star’ indicates things to do with blood such as cuts, injury, minor surgery or blood conditions.
  • ‘Funeral Guest’ also indicates illness in elderly family.
  • ‘Lonesome Star’ indicates loneliness or aloneness.
  • ‘Heaven Relief’ can resolve all challenges and others come to assist you. You can use this energy to overcome all problems. This star is a fantastic help to you this year.
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2020 Life

In the Year of the Rat 2020, Water is present. Rat is yin Water and Dog is Yang Earth, some Yin Fire, and Yin Metal, so they can work together to achieve Dogs goals.

With some Yin Fire in a Water year, Dogs can still have reasonable health, despite their negative stars which indicate mostly minor health issues. All the same, Dogs should take the usual precautions against wet type illnesses such as viruses and flus.

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2020 Love 1/2

2020 has good luck for Dogs in love.

Rats and Dogs have a very attractive Fire relationship. Fire is symbolic of Spirit and indicates your Guardian Angel is close by you this year. Fire can also indicate others are helping you e.g. a mentor, coach or protector. Your friends and family are likely to show their care for you more so this year.

Single male Dogs will have good luck in finding a potential partner this year if they socialise more. Single female Dogs will take longer to find the right partner but they should not give up, but rather go outdoors and meet more people in natural surroundings. When you meet the right person, it could be love at first sight.

If you’re a coupled Dog, your relationship could deepen and you seem to get along together better than usual. You could be feeling very affectionate and experience much togetherness. Go on a break somewhere together.

Love Chemistry

Love Compatibility

Dogs get on well romantically with Rabbits. However, Dragons, Sheep and Dogs could be problematic romantic partners.

Chinese Horoscope Money Year of the Pig

2020 Loot

Through your career and finances dear Doggies, money is likely to come to you this year. If you’re not careful it could come into one hand and leave out the other.

Dogs are likely to meet people who could help them in some way with their career or businesses. These relationships are likely to go quite well, especially if money is to be made by both parties.

Regarding your career, Doggies are likely to stay where they are for the moment, but could make more money through a promotion with the same company. If you work diligently you could impress those who make these decisions and more $$$ will be yours. Opportunities with short lifespans are likely to come up, so don’t dilly dally, make an executive decision and strike whilst the iron is hot!

Overall your career and finance luck is very good in 2020 but do be careful how you invest. Losses are always possible and you should seek guidance from a financial professional before investing.]

Some quick psychic predictions for famous Dogs:

  • US President Donald Trump has increasing health problems, especially concerning gut, heart and head. Expect to see more ‘unscheduled’ visits to medical facilities. Blood features strongly. I feel sick about sharp instruments such as knives.
  • Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has another turbulent year. I hear the words ‘cock ups’… so several misjudgments over a relatively short period of time. ‘Centrelink’ also comes to mind, there could be further shakeups here.
  • Justin Bieber singer-songwriter has two strong vibes happening in 2020. There’s something about his health and also the possibility of a baby. The baby could also be a life changing project which will be successful. The baby is a very strong energy, I see him holding this baby, could also be a close relative’s child.

Before making any important decisions, it would be wise to get an astrology report or have a psychic reading with one of our psychic readers before making major decisions.

Dear Doggies any problems you do encounter this year are likely to be overcome. Do try not to stress and take care of yourself properly, spending time outdoors in the sun. You could have brilliant opportunities to make $$$ this year, so embrace them!

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