Horoscopes for 2020

Horoscopes 2020

Get the most out of the year 2020 and read your horoscope for your yearly outlook from Rose Smith. Rose provides a comprehensive psychic insight overview of what each starsign can anticipate in the year ahead in life, love, career and finance.

The year 2020 is a Universal 4 year. This year is about hard consistent work, gradual growth and lots of mental activity. Communications continue to be important with more revolutionary ideas and new technological innovations.

You can read our 2020 Astrology and Beyond article on our website to find out more about the astrological energies surrounding us in 2020.

Aries star sign symbol in purple

2020 Aries Horoscope ( March 21st – April 19th )

Make your heart go ‘bling’ when earning $$$ Awesome Aries in 2020. It’s time to fulfill your mission on Earth if you choose to accept it! Weigh up your true mission in life and balance with your family.

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taurus starsign in purple

2020 Taurus Horoscope ( April 20th – May 20th )

A busy year with focus on the mental realms around study, travel, overseas connections and intimacy. Your higher mind is alive! You’ve got changes coming in 2020 terrific Taurus as your spirituality grows!

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gemini starsign purple

2020 Gemini Horoscope ( May 21st – June 20th )

Focus is on your life beneath the sheets and true intimacy Geminis! You could be also focused on resources that are shared with others e.g. loans this year. Changes need to be made to uplift your life in 2020!

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cancer starsign purple

2020 Cancer Horoscope ( June 21st – July 22nd )

Your committed relationships are important to you in 2020 caring Cancerians. There are changes afoot. You may renegotiate some areas and boundaries in important relationships. Learn to say ‘no’.

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leo starsign purple

2020 Leo Horoscope ( July 23rd – August 22nd )

You may meet new friends or even a new lover this year Leos. Some areas of your life need cutting back to make space for the new energies to enter your life! Focus is also on your everyday health and wellbeing.

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virgo starsign purple

2020 Virgo Horoscope ( August 23rd – September 22nd )

Your romantic life and intimacy is important to you in 2020 Virgo. You’ll be motivated to get out there and get your desires met. Pluto the planet of fate, shakes things up with Saturn to leave the past behind.

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libra starsign purple

2020 Libra Horoscope ( September 23rd – October 22nd )

A big focus this year is your home and family! You may relocate, renovate or experience changes in your home, family or vocation. What makes your heart bling?

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scorpio starsign purple

2020 Scorpio Horoscope ( October 23rd – November 21st )

Getting your word out in 2020 is important to you Scorpio. You could study or be very busy in your local community. You may be surprised by long lost contacts reaching out to you.

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sagittarius starsign purple

2020 Sagittarius Horoscope ( November 22nd – December 21st )

There’s a big emphasis on $$$ in 2020 savvy Sagittarius! New opportunities are coming for you to reorganise finances. Relationships are also blessed later in the year.

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capricorn starsign purple

2020 Capricorn Horoscope ( December 22nd – January 19th )

Well you have a big year courageous Capricorn! There’s some personal reinvention going in 2020! You could also change your identity in some way… you want the outside world to see who you really are!

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aquarius starsign purple

2020 Aquarius Horoscope ( January 20th – February 18th )

You have a big year Awesome Aquarius! Your awareness of your spirituality is being deepened in 2020! You are becoming more aware of your spiritual gifts and becoming more authentically YOU!

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pisces starsign purple

2020 Pisces Horoscope ( February 19th – March 20th )

A massive year for you passionate Pisces in 2020! It’s a time of letting go of the past so new doors can be opened to the future! Some people will leave your life and new ones will come forward.

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