2019 Year of the Earth Pig

2019 Year of the Brown Earth Pig

2019 Year of the Brown Earth Pig

Year of the Earth Pig

Welcome to the 2019 Chinese Horoscope – Year of the Pig. This Chinese Zodiac Year begins February 5, 2019 and ends January 24, 2020. The Pig is the 12th and final sign in the Chinese Zodiac which is determined by the lunar calendar. There’s quite a complicated formula to work out the Chinese New Year but mostly it falls on the 2nd new (or dark) moon following the summer solstice in Australia (winter solstice in the northern hemisphere).

In the Year of the Earth Pig, people born in Earth years – those years ending in an 8 or a 9, need to be a bit careful with their diet as they may have tendencies to put on unwanted weight. Minimise sugar and carbs in order to alkalise the body and this will help regain balance. Be careful how you physically manifest this year if you were born in an Earth year.

Key Points of the Chinese Horoscope System

The ancient Chinese Zodiac has been around for thousands of years and is based on astronomy. Like western astrology, the Chinese horoscope system has 12 zodiac signs but all of them are animal signs. The western system has some people e.g. Aquarius is the water bearer. The Chinese Zodiac is based upon the harmony of heaven, earth and water, which is a beautiful concept for obtaining balance. You can find your sign here for your 2019 Chinese horoscope. Every 12 years your animal sign will cycle back around in different variations of 5 elements and 2 genders for 60 years before it is repeated. Therefore, many of us will not see another brown Earth Pig again in our lifetime.

Chinese element theory associates each year with an element which has its own colour – metal is white, wood is green, water is blue or black, fire is red and earth is brown, all of whom possess different characteristics and are recycled every 5 years. Each year is also associated with male yang or female yin characteristics. If the year ends in zero or an even number, it is considered to be yang or male in nature. If a year ends in an odd number, it is yin or female. Read more about the Traditional Chinese Astrology System for ritual ideas to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

2019 is Yin - Female

According to Chinese astrology, 2019 is yin and it’s now time to embody these Pig qualities:

Generosity  |  Honesty  |  Hard work  |  Caring Sincerity |  Tolerance  |  Sharing

Those taking short cuts being selfish and intolerant will strike additional problems this year. The intentions of dishonest and selfish people are incompatible with the background feminine Earth Pig energy which enjoys positive social interaction and healthy community. It’s time to embody Pig energy and work hard, make some money and share with others. You could do some charity work, help someone out, or be extra kind to someone who needs it. Doing this helps with good luck and wonderful opportunities in career, finances and personal life. To reap the rewards of 2019, go to some extra effort to be generous, honest, hardworking, patient and true.

Year of the Earth Pig is Chaotic & Transformational

It will be an intensely powerful year and people will need to make compromises, act with integrity and trust our higher selves. During the 2019 Year of the Pig there is likelihood of chaos and confusion. At times pigs like to get down in the mud and dirty themselves up a bit, in order to regulate their own body temperature. We will need to get deeply in touch with our own pig energy to successfully self regulate during the chaotic ride of 2019. This means thinking for ourselves and not going along with the herd in every respect.

We will be hearing a lot more about those who adopt the characteristics of unbalanced dirty Pigs playing down in the mud purely for their own benefit. It will be impossible to completely avoid the consequent chaotic global consequences from those dirty Pigs misusing their power. The economic consequences of a global downturn which I expect in 2019 will be substantial, but acting in a properly balanced Pig like manner will help insulate against the greater storm.

Get Real About What’s Happening in the World

During the Year of the Pig, we all need to get real about what is happening in the world in order to be best prepared for the revolutionary changes taking place in areas such as economics, health, foreign policy and immigration. These changes will affect most countries to some extent, but particularly US allies such as Australia and the United Kingdom. In some way most people on the planet will be touched in one way or another by the policies of the US Government.

Think about the affects of US policies as a stone being thrown on a pond and the ripples filtering out affecting the rest of the world. Clever use of balanced pig energy allows awareness of what is happening in the world and doesn’t seek to avoid reality. A clever Pig strategises and comes up with a plan to cope with changes. A clever Pig sometimes even profits as a result of being forewarned and forearmed. Those embracing Pig energy will work hard to improve their families/networks/communities ensuring peace and prosperity for every member. Those seeking to do this will prosper during the year of the Pig and those mired in selfishness and self absorption will pay a heavy price.

Avoid Risky Ventures and Be Kind

Avoid risky ventures, be pragmatic and sensible or you just might get dumped in the mud! Communicate clearly especially around love, money and business. All animal signs will be more fortunate if they can adopt balanced Pig characteristics such as honesty, integrity, optimism, sincerity, kindness and hard work.

The negative side of Pigs is greed, under confidence, stress and gullibility. To help avoid these, always focus on the positives and be grateful for what you have.

Western Astrology Signs in the Year of the Brown Earth Pig

It is important that all star signs stay properly grounded in 2019. You can call on the groundedness of balanced Pig energy to help you keep your feet flat on the ground. With so much chaos and transformation in 2019, there may well be a tendency for some people to lose contact with physical reality. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are already pretty grounded so they need to watch that they are not overly grounded, getting stuck in the mud. Too much grounding and caution could put the kybosh on great opportunities and inspiration. It could also lead to feelings of depression. Call on balanced Pig energy to find the balance of practicality and optimistic inspiration within yourself.

image of the fire sign

Fire ( Aries, Leo, Sagitarrius )

The realm of spirit – fiery passions, desires and inspiration. Make your desires real and physical to share and help others in alignment with best Pig practices. Get in touch with the burning desires of your heart. Inspire others with your passion!

image for the air sign

Air ( Gemini, Libra, Aquarius )

The realm of the mind – thoughts and analytical ability. Thoughts may become physical more easily than usual. Think writing, social media and publishing to illuminate hidden things. Use your communicative abilities and your mind to advance society and inspire others.

image for the water sign

Water ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces )

The realm of the heart – emotions and feelings. Emotions will translate into physical reality this year. Love and strong emotions have real effects on your life but don’t allow them to rule you. You are not your emotions, you are a sentient immortal Spirit. Call on Pig energy for positivity and balance in the physical world.

image for the earth sign

Earth ( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn )

The realm of the body – practicality, groundedness and physical manifestation. Organisation brings Heaven down to Earth. But being over cautious and nervous about new endeavours is out of balance. Allow yourself to be inspired so you can inspire others. If you’re too grounded, you could feel negative or depressed so call on the forces of Pig to gain optimism and positivity.

Fire, Air, Water and Earth are equally important as each other.

All the best for 2019! Remember to look to the helpful qualities of the Pig to help you negotiate this year – year of the female brown Earth Pig according to the Chinese Horoscope.

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