2019 Numerology

2019 Numerology Number 3 Year

A Universal 3 – The Background Noise to your Personal Year

2019 is a 3 year because 2+0+1+9 = 12 breaking down to the number 3.

In this constantly changing and chaotic world, deep down we all desire security and safety. Divination methods such as numerology, psychic readings and astrology bring us some consolation and control over our lives. These ancient systems have developed to give us peace of mind so we can plan for the future. As with any divination system, there is always an ‘X’ factor of not knowing every single detail and the fact that free will overrides all. We do however get powerful themes and clues that we can reflect upon and use to make decisions in our lives.

So let’s start with the fact that 2019 is a number 3 year. This is a year for communication with a capital “C”. 2019 is a great year for writing, expressing yourself vocally, or though music and art. During this time radio broadcasters, actors, singers, performers, counsellors, comedians or novelists will become more prominent. It’s really important if you feel inclined to enter these fields that you do so. Failing to follow your true heart’s desires and unleash your creativity could negatively affect your well being.

This year there will be an emphasis on physical attractiveness, humour and the awareness that joy and happiness are more important than materialism. It will be a time of allowing your true self to emerge after being blocked at some level by authoritarian type figures e.g. father, school teacher, priest. Writing your life story down in a ‘Life Journal’ can be healing and allow you to get to the hidden deep things that still restrict you in some way. Liberate yourself and write!

2018 was an 11/2 Master Year and now we transition from these qualities of the 2 year through to the qualities of the 3 year. Last year was quite a difficult year for a lot of people, particularly as the Master Number 11 often involves sacrifice. Now we’re transitioning down to Earth from the higher vibration feminine qualities of beingness, receptivity and darkness, to the lower masculine vibration which is grounded, active, assertive and expanding. A masculine vibration is related to the light of awareness rather than darkness of the subconscious. In short, it’s a time of action and physicality this year. Manifest your dreams on Earth.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 2 ( Feminine Vibration )

Integration, sharing and caring  Building, relationships, partnerships, psychic ability.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 0 ( Feminine Vibration )

The Power of No Thing – Be patient whilst waiting in limbo for the start of new things. You are in the womb of new beginnings waiting to be born.

image of the universal male symbol in purple

Number 1 ( Masculine Vibration )

Boundaries, Autonomy, Work, Introspection – New beginnings, channelling the Soul, self absorption.

image of the universal male symbol in purple

Number 9 ( Masculine Vibration )

Letting go, Past Lives, Vivid Dreams – Endings, completion, karma, credibility, authority.

image of the universal male symbol in purple

Year 3 ( Masculine Vibration )

Confidence, Adventure, Commanding, Authoritative – Active, goal orientated, expansion, awareness, light, outward focus.

Expect a strong focus on these qualities above this year for countries, communities and individuals.

As a species, we are evolving and we need to focus on accomplishment in the physical world. The process actually involves us moving from being receptive to active. This principle includes closing boundaries… that’s no easy feat for countries, cultures and individuals. We can expect to see increased conflict in the world, as countries continue to close their borders and no longer wish to share resources. We will see parts of the collective of humanity become more isolationist and less community minded. Sometimes, we just need to say “No”, but riding life’s see-saw of decision-making can be difficult.

We Are Evolving in 2019

As we evolve as a species, we will need to strike the correct balance of sharing and caring versus self interest and introspection.

Remember that the cycle of life, death and rebirth is just one never ending spiral of energy. Numerology explains with elegant mathematical symmetry that 2019 is a significant part of the cycle that transitions us into a new era. Although there will be confusion, conflict and chaos especially over the next few years, this is necessary for the growth of humanity. People will awaken through the highs and lows of their Earthly experience.

Don’t give up or lose hope because of external events, hold firm to the seed of peace deep down in your heart and nurture this. Know that you are the light and the hope for the world and amplify these energies out to the world so that others can benefit.

Wishing you all a peaceful, safe and happy 2019 from Rose x.

Read this information in tandem to your own personal year number which you can find on our Free Numerology page here.