2019 Chinese Horoscope The Rabbit

The Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2019


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Life, Love & Loot Prospects in 2019

The Year of the Rabbit is the fourth in the Chinese zodiac. Rabbit years start at the Chinese New Year (new or dark moon) and in 2019 this is February 5. A new moon occurs at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle.

Rabbit years are 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023 and so on. Rabbits are kind, intelligent, shy with strangers, good socialisers when they know you, conservative and peaceful.

image of a gold tree representing life

Life in 2019 - A Very Good Year

For Rabbits, the domains of the home and work are favourable in the Year of the Pig! Rabbits become more determined and organised about succeeding with their goals and plans. In order to do this, they need to develop their independence and self confidence to succeed.

Communication is key. Try to remember that good communication oils the wheels of success and positive relationships can be formed at home and work when you put just a little effort into facilitating understanding. Friends and family are more likely to be supportive this year but as always use wisdom and common sense when dealing with family and friends.

There’s likely to be more socialising this year, social Rabbits attend parties and enjoy restaurant cuisine in the company of friends and lovers. There is happiness in many areas of a Rabbit’s life during the Year of the Pig. Relationships improve and many Rabbits will commit more deeply in 2019, some will even marry or set up home together.

Being outside in the gentle sunshine helps the well being of Rabbits this year.

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Love in 2019 - Warm and Friendly

You will get a boost to your social life with more energy for socialising and having fun. You will gather a bevy of new friends and interested potential partners, if you are available. Single Rabbits will enjoy the attention and rightfully so. Although it may take a while to find the right partner you’re looking for, you can have some fun in the meantime.

Committed Rabbits are likely to deepen their relationships and may have a child or get married in the Year of the Pig. Some will move back in with parents or other family. Family connections are important in the Year of the Pig.

Love Chemistry

Love Compatibility

Dogs, Pigs and Goats are good matches for Rabbits. Roosters, Dragons and Rats can cause arguments and are the least compatible.


Chinese Horoscope Money Year of the Pig

Loot - Increasing in 2019

Careers will have their ups and downs but more ups in the Year of the Pig especially when you’re working hard towards a goal. Although it’s not a year for winning the lotto or a major prize, there will be consequent improvements in finances when you focus on working towards your goals. Take any and all reasonable opportunities coming your way this year and providing you do your research, you should have successful outcomes. Those born in the Year of the Snake can help you with financial advice in the Year of the Pig, they will make good financial advisors.

If Rabbits work on developing their networks and their self confidence, their careers and subsequent financial situation is likely to improve in the Year of the Pig.

Lucky Pig energy is likely to help Rabbits make a breakthrough in career. This could be either a new job or promotion but make sure you’re up to it by having done some inner preparation and healing beforehand. Again, I must say work on your self confidence and self esteem. Throw out the negative self talk and keep the inner dialogue positive and optimistic.

The only proviso around your finances is to be careful what you spend… don’t waste your hard earned $$$ on frivolous purchases dear Rabbit. As always with money be cautious and in the Year of the Pig, things will work out just fine.

There is happiness in many areas during the Year of the Pig dear Rabbits. Remember to get outside in the gentle sunshine now and then to help your overall well-being.

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