2019 Chinese Horoscope The Horse

The Horse Chinese Horoscope 2019


image of the horse chinese zodiac sign in gold

Life, Love & Loot Prospects in 2019

The Year of the Horse is the seventh in the Chinese zodiac and it is harmonious with the Rooster sign on the Chinese Zodiac. This often confers good luck in most areas of life including love, career and finances. Horse years start at the Chinese New Year (new or dark moon) and in 2019 this is February 5. A new moon occurs at a different time every year according to the lunar cycle.

Horse years are 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026 and so on. Horses are energetic, studious, fast, freedom loving, emotional and often beautiful.

image of a gold tree representing life

Life in 2019 - Good News

The Chinese Zodiac sometimes describes Horses as possessing ‘instinctual perception’. They are active and spiritual animals. This year Horses will need to work hard to make the most of the many opportunities available to them. Horses also need to allow their ambitions and independent nature have free reign. Allow yourself some freedom from time to time to get the best out of your creativity in the Year of the Pig.

2019 brings you good news in love and romance… YAY! It might be time to get out more and go for a little ride about town dear Horses! You have a lot of good luck in your love life this year!

Take care of your health this year, particularly your stress levels. You’ve got the potential to have a lot on and being so very busy, you could get stressed if you’re not well organised. Take care and you’ll be fine.

image of a gold filligree heart

Love in 2019 - Oh Sexy Filly!

Oh sexy equine friend, you attract much adoration this year. Many admirers will seek to lodge in your stall, so be choosy and remember that freedom is important to you. Don’t get too close too soon just because a handsome stallion rides close by.

As always, charm a stallion with your sense of humour and personality. Your quick and sharp wit will be noticed and enjoyed by friends and family alike. You are likely to have a happier year than last with much socialising and good humour. Friends may turn into lovers this year and a deep commitment is possible.

Don’t get too caught up in too many love situations but try and lead a balanced life paying attention to work and/or study also. If you’re already in a relationship, spice things up a bit in the bedroom for extra connection with your beloved.

Love Chemistry

Love Compatibility

Horses are very compatible with Goats, Tigers and Dogs. They are least compatible with Rats, Oxen and other Horses.


Chinese Horoscope Money Year of the Pig

Loot - Work Smart

The Year of the Earth Pig brings you good luck in finances if you are careful and hard working. More money is likely to come your way from some new ventures, so keep an eye out for money making opportunities. A new job and other pleasant surprises are on the cards also and may come about through your social network. You may end up with more responsibility, but you should get more money also.

You may well find more $$$ coming in but also going out, so be prepared in advance with some savings. You have pretty good luck around your career and finances dear Horses but as always, do your research and play it safe. If you have some issues, ask someone to help. In 2019, there should be others around who will be only too happy to help you out.

If you decide to take the lazy route, you won’t make the most of all the opportunities. Good luck on offer is only good if you work and plan accordingly. Horses need to be pro-active in 2019 so remind yourself to be active by placing pictures and statues of running horses around your home and in your workplace.

So dear Horses, you will need to work hard and not take the lazy route to make the most of this year but the rewards are plentiful in 2019.

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