2018 Numerology

image of a hand picking up the number 11 numerology in a galactic space

A Universal 11/2 Year – The Background Noise to your Personal Year

2018 is an 11/2 year because 2+0+1+8 = 11 breaking down to the number 2.

In this constantly changing and chaotic world, deep down we all desire security and safety. Divination methods such as numerology, psychic readings and astrology bring us some consolation and control over our lives. These ancient systems have developed to give us peace of mind so we can plan for the future. As with any divination system, there is always an ‘X’ factor of not knowing every single detail and the fact that free will overrides all. We do however get powerful themes and clues that we can reflect upon and use to make decisions in our lives.

So let’s start with the fact that 2018 is a Master number 11 year. This means this year will be a highly spiritual year, guiding people towards the higher frequencies often through intense learning experiences. These unfortunately are sometimes quite painful. Whatever happens please take solace in the fact that everything that happens ‘to you’ is already known and orchestrated by your higher self. It’s all part of your master grand plan that extends way beyond this current lifetime.

The Master Number 11 is the most spiritual and psychic of all numbers

Think about this number for a moment… it consists of two lots of the number 1 (one). This double lot of 1 encourages us to be focused upon our true selves… not the ego, but the Spiritual Self. The number 1 is all about the self from the perspective of your Soul. It’s ‘selfullness’ or being full of yourself (in a good way). This is not the same as being selfish. You are in fact channelling the fullness of your Soul and that is why Spirit is encouraging us to be ‘full of ourselves’. 2017 was a 1 year and now we transition from the qualities of the 1 year through the qualities of the 11 year to the 2 year. It’s a transition from male qualities to the higher vibration of feminine qualities.

The number 1 is also associated with male energy but as it’s an 11 Master number year with 2 number 1’s this year, it is actually a masculine number, a feminine number and an integration of both numbers.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 2 ( Feminine Vibration )

Building, relationships, partnerships, psychic ability, integration, sharing and caring.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 0 ( Feminine Vibration )

Be patient whilst waiting in limbo for the start of new things. You are in the womb of new beginnings waiting to be born.

image of the universal male symbol in purple

Number 1 ( Male Vibration )

New beginnings, autonomy, hard work, introspection, self absorption, closed boundaries and channelling the Soul.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Number 8 ( Feminine Vibration )

Money, power, business, honesty and independence. The truth will come out.

image of the universal female symbol in purple

Year 11/2 ( Feminine Vibration )

Partnerships, compromise, self sacrifice, sharing, building, empathy, spirituality and enlightenment.

Expect a strong focus on these qualities above this year for countries, communities and individuals.

2018 presents some challenges to help us in the long-term

With 2 x number 1’s, the male energy giving a feminine vibration, there is bound to be conflict and chaos as we are transformed from the vibration of the self, through the 11 channel of mastership, to the partnership vibration of the 2. This is not an easy year for the world in general, although it does auger well for relationships where both parties are open hearted and ready for change. Think of the difference between a 1 year old baby and a 2 year old baby… they don’t call it ‘the terrible two’s’ for nothing. At age 1, a baby is all about the self and at age 2, a toddler must incorporate the wishes of others, learning to share and learning that instant gratification no longer exists as it once did in the womb environment (which is like the number zero).

As a species, we are evolving and part of that evolution sees us realising the need to move focus from ourselves to incorporating others, but that is the end result. The process actually involves us being ‘full of ourselves’ whilst sharing with others simultaneously… that’s no easy feat for countries, cultures and individuals. We can expect to see increased conflict in the world, particularly those who don’t wish to share resources in some way. Wealthy western nations will need to step up efforts to support those who can’t help themselves, but this won’t happen easily due to resistance of the old guard who are trying desperately to hang onto the past.

Think about giving back to the community in some way in 2018

The Master number 11 is often a self sacrificing vibration (think of Jesus Christ who was an 11 m number). There will be much opposition from those who refuse to share and this will come back on them at some stage through the agency of karma.

However, evolution cannot be stopped so gradually we will move into more fairer and caring societies, even though initially, conflict and chaos reigns. 2018 will be a pivotal year in this regard, especially as 11 master number years rarely occur. 2018 sets off a chaotic chain of dominos that will ultimately be for the good of humanity and the Earth, although short term there will be pain and confusion.

Read this information in tandem to your own personal year number which you can find on our Free Numerology page here.

2018 is a year of transition to a new era!

Remember that life, death and rebirth is just one never ending spiral of energy. 2018 is a significant part of the cycle that transitions us into a new era of co-operation and sharing. Although there will confusion, conflict and chaos especially over the next few years, this is necessary for the growth of humanity.

Don’t give up or lose hope because external events are looking dire, hold firm to the seed of peace deep down in your heart and nurture that. Know that you are the light and the hope for the world and amplify those energies out to the world so that others can benefit.

Wishing you all a peaceful, safe and happy 2018.

Rose x