2018 Horoscope Overview

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Welcome to the 2018 horoscope overview of the major astrological influences affecting humanity. Think of these influences as background noise to what is going on in your personal chart. The 2018 horoscope influences will affect large masses of people and even countries quite profoundly. If you paint a picture, there’s a foreground and a background. Think of the foreground as your personal situation and the background as the group collective and together we get the whole picture of what is happening.

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This year we go into a 2 year in numerology. It is actually an 11 year which is a master number that breaks down to 2. This is a very spiritual year and although it’s good to be generous and kind to others, some of us do need to be careful that we don’t overdo our generosity. 11 master number years can be about spiritual growth but also self sacrifice. You can read about Year 2 numerology here.

Last year we all started a new cycle and this year we will be continuing to consolidate that start into a new era. It’s going to be a particularly busy year here down on Earth thanks to serious Saturn and tumultuous Uranus moving into the earthy sign of Capricorn, causing revolutionary changes particularly in technology, finances and economies.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Mother Jupiter slipped into Scorpio back in October, 2017 and she will be in this position until 8th November, 2018 when she then moves onto Sagittarius. Jupiter the planet of good fortune, optimism and confidence is doing a lovely little dance which will expand our passion and desire to go after our true heart’s desires. Relationships everywhere could be intensified. Scorpio also has a great affinity with sex, so we could see our sex lives becoming more passionate and expanded in some way. In fact many areas of life will be transformed, not only intimacy but also a great healing could take place for all of us. Old hidden things that have been tucked away deep down in the collective unconscious will be brought to light for healing in countries such as the USA, China, both Koreas and Australia.

The 2018 horoscope overview indicates there will be the opportunity for many beautiful moments under Jupiter’s embrace. As well as physical benefits we will all get a spiritual boost that will give us a greater appreciation of the unseen things in life. If you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio in your chart, then you’re ahead of the pack, you will be most positively affected by this influence which gives you the most opportunities.

Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces

We get two hits of this in 25th May to 13th June and again 11th August to 25th August. These can be wonderfully spiritual times when you gain insight and perhaps even develop your spiritual gifts especially psychic abilities. There is a spiritual expansion that just might be connected to a very spiritual relationship. Do be careful that you’re not easily deceived, it could be that your spiritual expansion comes through the realisation that all is not as it seems. But it is more likely that it’s a positive experience full of happiness and hope rather than having a down side. We will all experience unexpected blessings and opportunities under this influence. You will be mostly affected if you are or have planets in Cancer, Scorpio and to a lesser extent Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Mother Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good fortune shifts into adventurous Sagittarius 9th November where she lives for 1 year. She will be smiling on those who have Sagittarius in their charts and also Aries, Leo and Pisces.

Mother Jupiter also confers excitement and inspiration as you seek to make your heart felt desires come true. She’s a planet of optimism and confidence, so Sagittarians, Arians, Leos and Pisceans watch out for plenty of opportunities coming your way.

Jupiter sextile Pluto

This wonderful transit will occur 7th January to 25th January and again 5th September to 17th September. Mother Jupiter brings abundance in this positive aspect sextiling Pluto the karmic planet. So, good karma might be coming your way, especially if you are ruled by these planets – Scorpio, Capricorn and also to a lesser extent Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces. Look for good fortune and opportunities. It’s time to take a risk as you will be supported in your choices by the Universe.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn shifted into Capricorn end of December, 2017 and boy did I feel it! This will bring astrological energies down to earth, making them physical. No more airy fairy nonsense, the time has come to get serious and real. Serious Saturn wants cold hard physical results and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. So excuses just don’t cut the mustard any longer. It’s all about making your true heartfelt desires real this year. Get your personalised Astro Forecast Yearly Report horoscope here for details and dates.

We will see government authorities really cracking down hard in 2018 and we’ll be hearing more about law, structures, debt, karma, body weight and obesity, depression, restrictions, obstacles, time and order. Serious Saturn wants to bring order to Uranian chaos. Although Saturn is well known as a hard taskmaster because he really pushes us, it’s actually for our own benefit. Whatever we accomplish under the guidance of Saturn this year, we actually get to keep. The wisdom and experience that comes from all the Saturnian life lessons cannot be taken away, it’s ours. Saturn is a slow and steady builder who wants you to move forward at a gradual pace. The spontaneity and rush of other planets just isn’t there with Saturn. It’s all about being slow and steady that wins the race. Saturn is encouraging us to put down solid foundations on which we can build our futures based on our true heart’s desires, not what we ‘think’ we should be doing.

Serious Saturn will be in Capricorn for a couple of years until March 2020 when he will then move into Aquarius. If you are a Capricorn or an Aquarius (or have planets in these signs) you will probably feel the heaviness of the Saturnian energies very strongly for the next few years. Saturn rules Capricorn and at the very beginning of astrology thousands of years ago, Saturn also ruled Aquarius way before Uranus was discovered. There is still some of that ancient Saturnian energy around for Aquarius.

It’s a good idea for everyone but particularly for Aquarians and Capricorns to save their money over the next few years. Be conservative and don’t take risks. Try to remain stable and secure. Undertake study if you have the opportunity. There may be dealings with the law, expect an increase in law related matters. No shortcuts are allowed during this time, do everything thoroughly and do not gamble away your hard earned money or emotions until you are sure of success.

If you are a Libra, Cancer or Aries, you too will feel the heavy energy of this transit as these are also cardinal star signs. If you have any planets in the early degrees of these signs, you also pick up a Saturnian hit.

It’s been a bit of a rough ride for many people lately who have experienced round after round of change and transformation. Now, it’s time to get those lessons grounded so we can make something physical out of what has happened to us. Find the silver lining and make use of it.

Uranus in Taurus

Our tumultuous friend Uranus moves into Taurus on 16th May until 26th April, 2026. Uranus will be serving up great change and revolutionary trends worldwide. Uranus is associated with rebellion, revolution, shocks, electricity, turmoil, lightning, technology and the internet. It is a bringer of unexpected things, but these are not always negative. Sometimes Uranus brings us good fortune like a ‘bolt from the blue’.

We will see increased use of the internet for all manner of things. New software will be developed to successfully jump the real world – v – internet great divide. Businesses will need to adapt and be nimble rather than doing things in the way they always have. Change will be extensive and constant (gives me a headache just thinking about it!). People will be wearing embedded chips in their bodies as a matter of course, why? Because it’s more convenient! They will be paying for goods and services by sliding a body part over a sensor. Alternatively, a chip will be embedded in the iris so the sensor just looks into their eyes. Really does give new meaning to ‘look into my eyes’. Eek, horror!

When Uranus is resident in Taurus, whatever he affects is likely to become physical. It’s all about making things real, practical, organised and down to earth. Tumultuous and innovative Uranus will probably have a ding dong battle with the conservative and slow status quo energies of serious Saturn. Fair dinkum, these two ain’t going to like each other for the next few years. It’s kinda like really old parents past their prime, battling with irascible teenagers. Watch the sparks fly as we find ourselves in a push me pull you type scenario where part of us wants to move forward at any cost, and another part wants to be a bit of a stick in the mud. Somehow, we are all called to find balance between these opposing energetic poles. Uranus is resident in Taurus until 2026 and sometimes things will very slowly move, picking up speed especially after Saturn leaves Capricorn in March 2020. The remaining times, things will happen very quickly, unexpectedly and we’ll be sitting there saying “what just happened?”… that’s Uranus for you.

Taurus loves money and it is no coincidence that Wall Street has a statue of a bull, denoting being bullish in the stock market. World financial structures including share markets, economies and governments will be greatly transformed in the next seven or eight years thank you Mr Uranus! We will be moving increasingly towards technology and a push will be on to minimise the cash economy. Governments will want to minimise funds leaking to terrorism activities as well as collecting tax on black economies and multinational corporations. Expect phenomenal changes in stock markets, banking, superannuation, government benefits right down to businesses and individual finances. Seriously folks, new money systems will be coming in right across the board.

Cryptocurrencies will gain ground, but many will crash and burn as quickly as they came. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has just had several crashes in the past week and lost 1/3 of its value. So do be careful where you put your money over the next few years. My prediction is that the big banks are already working on development of their own cryptocurrencies then governments will jump on board. Governments will be forced to regulate cryptocurrencies as it really is the wild west out there at the moment. More millionaires and paupers will be made than ever before over the next few years and the world will be increasingly divided between the poor and the wealthy before things get better. Politicians trying to hang by their teeth to old ways of doing things will disadvantage both themselves and their countries. There’s no use going back to the past, the only way to do Uranus in Taurus is to go with the flow.

Those of us with planets in Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius will be more affected whilst Taureans and those with planets in Taurus will be impacted the most by this transit.

Pluto in Capricorn

Here’s another planet in earthy Capricorn, Pluto has been here since 2008 and will stay until 2023. Both Uranus and Pluto are ‘transpersonal’ planets. This means they deal with energy beyond this present lifetime, so we experience sudden and inexplicable karma. You may not have a clue as to why a certain situation is happening ‘to you’, but be assured, the Universe does keep count. Everything is acknowledged and noted by Spirit. Karma weaves her magic path through our lives often through the agency of powerful Pluto. Karma chameleon Pluto sometimes comes to tear down, destroy and decimate anything holding back our spiritual growth. Often we don’t realise what’s happening immediately but one way or another, we will grow.

With Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in earth signs, whatever is hanging about in Spirit, will soon be paying us a visit on planet Earth. Pluto will break through the surface of the soil so that the seeds from the past can sprout to bring in the future.

Mars Retrograde

26th June until 27th July sees motivator Mars going retrograde or backwards… oh joy! NOT! Mars confers ambition, independence, ambition and motivation to get things done, but problems arise when he is retrograde. The negative side of Mars is low vitality, fatigue, or even anger, aggression and warfare. You might find you want to surge ahead but things keep happening so that you feel like you’re going backwards. There are restrictions, delays and obstacles to overcome. Do not initiate anything important when Mars is retrograde as success will be hard to come by. Motivator Mars goes forward again in August giving us impetus to move forward again with projects and goals.

Venus Retrograde

Ms Venus planet of love, finances, law, art and beauty turns retrograde 6th October to 16th November putting a dampener on these things. Financial expenses might blow out, relationships go backwards, so don’t be tempted to revisit someone from the past, legal matters could stall and you just might just feel flat as a tack. Get your own personalised horoscope for specific details.

Mercury Retrograde

Our old friend in charge of communications, fast moving Ms Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2018.

  1. 22nd March to 15th April
  2. 26th July until 19th August
  3. 16th November until 6th December

These are not good times for important communications, contracts, legal issues, or even equipment which may experience failures and breakdowns. You can read all about Mercury Retrograde here.

Retrogrades slow us down and get us to review what we have already been through. During these times, it’s a good idea to be a little more circumspect than usual. If you do anything major, you might find that you have to go back and revisit it when Mercury turns direct.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses

During 2018 there are five eclipses in two fire, two air and one water sign. An eclipse acts like an energy amplifier. It forces us to wake up (often with a bit of a start), get moving on a path and then take action. An eclipse shakes us up to get us to change. Earthquakes sometimes occur in connection with eclipses. Mother Earth is just showing us a physical reflection of ourselves. Read more about Solar and Lunar eclipses here.

You can easily see there’s a lot of background noise going on in 2018 with all these energies. In particular the lunar eclipses of the 31st January and the 11th August will be very significant for particular countries. Read the article here.  The first total lunar eclipse of the year on 31st January sets up the scenario for unfolding and significant events over many months and perhaps years.  The 2nd total lunar eclipse on 11th August will see these likely global events come to light.  Some movers and shakers will be shaking in their boots when the truth is finally revealed.

In Summary

Buckle your seatbelt and hang on to your britches ‘cause we’re all in for a hum dinger of a year. With so many changes coming over the next few years especially, we will all need to take time out and breathe. Don’t get overly caught up in the stress of it all, whenever possible, turn off all your devices and go outside into nature away from craziness of modern life. Spend time on your own, feeling the beauty of your own Soul.

In your bedroom, remove all electrical devices when you are trying to sleep. There could be many instances where you might feel ‘wired’ with racing thoughts going through your brain, particularly if you live in a large city.

This article is all about the astrological background noise so consequently it is not designed as an individual horoscope. You should get your own personal horoscope done if you want specific information more relevant to your personal circumstances. Choose your personalised horoscope at our Shop available on our website.

Written 21.12.17 by Rose Smith

10.2.18 Bitcoin plummeted from nearly US$20,000 at the end of 2017 to just under US$6,000 on 6.2.18.  I expect it to eventually settle around US$1,000-US$2,000.

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