2018 Chinese Horoscope The Rooster

The Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2018

You are a Rooster if you were born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029 and so on. The Rooster is the tenth symbol in the Chinese zodiac.

If you were born between January 1 and February 16, you are a Monkey as the Chinese New Year begins on February 16. This Rooster Chinese Horoscope is for 2018 which is the Year of the Brown Earth Dog.


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Life in 2018 - Plan Now for the Long Term

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog brings a time when those born in the Year of the Rooster will need to grab opportunities with both hands, without dilly dallying along the way. According to the Rooster 2018 Chinese Horoscope, this is the year for planting seeds. In other words, it’s time to plan now taking a medium to long term view. The rewards are there (particularly in the last 4 months of the year if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and mid-year if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere). Be proactive and work hard, without procrastination.

The Cosmos is smiling on Roosters this year and you will be protected to some extent, even if you make small errors in judgement. Don’t push your luck though, because there is not much room for absolute stupidity.

Dear Roosters, 2018 may present periods where you may feel stressed due to trying to deal with everything you have on the boil. Although you need to be aware that timing is important, don’t overdo it by pushing yourself too hard. You have good energies for dealing with people, but don’t go overboard in the chook yard, scrapping with other feathered friends.

According to your 2018 Chinese Astrology, this year you will have good luck in finances, business, career and love as long as you are proactive and keep your life in balance.

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Love in 2018 - Lucky You Roosters!

According to the Chinese Rooster Horoscope, 2018 is likely to be a year of fabulous opportunities in love relationships. Lucky you Ms/Mr Rooster!

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog is also likely to be a year of surprising news about friends and family in love matters.

Single Roosters, get out there, rip up the dance floor and bop along without the blues. The eyes of the room are on you and you’re the centre of attention. You will have good luck with romance this year. If you’re in a committed relationship, your bond is likely to be strengthened and there may even be a renewal of vows, a new baby or somehow you are brought closer together.

Roosters are also more likely to socialise this year and there will be many opportunities for gadding about town with friends, lovers and partners. You may hear of a blast from the past – old school friends or co-workers might come back into your life.

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Money in 2018 - Your Research Pays Off

According to the 2018 Rooster Chinese Horoscope, this is a year blessing your finances. Calculated gambles will pay off if you have done your homework in researching opportunities properly. Those born in the years of the Rabbit or Tiger can help you in your endeavours and financial gains are quite likely, especially if you work together.

According to your 2018 Chinese Astrology, this is a good year for promotion at work or even to advance in another job. You may have to really search out career opportunities, but they are there for you this year and everything should work out well. Before you leave a current job, make sure you have received everything you’re entitled to and you may even be surprised to hear there are some additional rewards on offer there.

2018 Rooster Chinese Horoscope Summary

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog is a time for you to be proactive about finding opportunities to advance yourself in life. Don’t delay – grab those rewards before someone else does!

It’s likely to be a pretty good year for those Roosters who look, learn and act. This applies to both career and your love life, don’t delay – get out there and crow young Roosters!

Watch your Rooster health in the colder months, with colds and viruses. A regular brisk walk out in nature will help you stay in tip top crowing condition. All the best for 2018 dear Roosters.

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