2018 Chinese Horoscope The Horse

The Horse Chinese Horoscope 2018

You are a Horse if you were born in 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026 and so on. The Horse is the seventh symbol in the Chinese zodiac.

If you were born between January 1 and February 16, you are a Snake as the Chinese New Year begins on February 16. This Horse Chinese Horoscope is for 2018 which is the Year of the Brown Earth Dog.


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Life in 2018 - Inspired to Achieve More

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog brings a time when those born in the Year of the Horse get the whip cracking! It’s time to do stuff and do it well with alacrity and panache dear Horses!

Horses and Dogs get along nicely and as Horse has a lot of fire energy and Dogs have a lot of earth, they complement each other well. You are therefore likely to have a busy year both at work and at play and there is good luck for you in the Year of the Brown Earth Dog. You are likely to be able to increase your reputation and your finances as you achieve a great deal this year. You will feel inspired to achieve more and in turn you will also inspire others to follow your lead. The energy of the Brown Earth Dog will help you in your endeavours this year.

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Love in 2018 - Increased Passion

A love relationship according to the Chinese Horse Horoscope, 2018 is likely to be an excellent year for love prospects. You will feel more passionate this year about finding the right person and when you do it will be all fireworks and sparkles. If you’re already in a committed relationship, there’s likely to be an increase in passion and some sort of renewal in your partnership.

You are also likely to meet a lot of nice people who you just seem to ‘click’ with during 2018. These people could in turn help you meet more people, some of whom are great love prospects if you’re looking.

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Money in 2018 - Don't Be Hasty

According to the 2018 Horse Chinese Horoscope, this is a good year for finances, especially in the first six months of the year. Don’t only work hard, work smart.

Horses could be offered a promotion but don’t be a hasty Horse. Check everything out first and do your research before you accept any new position. It will probably turn out fine following a delay and then you’ll get a salary increase as well, but do please check it out properly beforehand.

2018 Horse Chinese Horoscope Summary

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog is a great year for Horses in finances and love especially. Career is also likely to be benefitted, although there may be delays. That’s ok, you could take a quick break somewhere so you’re refreshed when you come back and ready for work action.

When you come back, get cracking, there’s work to be done. You’re likely to achieve a lot this year dear Horses, mainly because you’ll be super inspired by all your hopes and dreams. You can pull it off, so don’t listen to the naysayers. Have supportive friends and family around you who are willing to encourage you in your plans.

You’re likely to do so many wonderful things that make your heart sing dear Horses and what’s more the Cosmos smiles on your relationships as well. All the best for 2018 frisky Horses.

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