2017 Chinese Horoscopes

Chinese Horoscope Outlook for 2017

2017 is the Year of the Rooster! Welcome to a brand new Chinese New Year for 2017. Want to find out what’s in store for you in 2017? Scroll down for your Chinese Horoscope sign and read your personalised Chinese horoscope from Rose Smith. To find your Chinese Horoscope sign go to our Chinese Animal Horoscope Signs page!  If you are born mid-January to mid-February, it is important to check your sign here as animal signs change dates every year, depending on the lunar cycle.

image of the rat chinese horoscope

The Rat

2017 is a fortunate year for Rats in love and romance and also too in your career. Rats are likely to receive help with their careers this year. In turn this is likely to lead to more money.

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image of the ox representing the chinese zodiac

The Ox

If you are an Ox in the Chinese Horoscope then you will find more energy to do things you enjoy. Don’t go too fast and give yourself plenty of time to think things over before taking action.

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image of the tiger chinese zodiac sign

The Tiger

Tigers you are used to having control but don’t be afraid to seek the help of others now and then. Work and play hard this year but don’t go overboard. Watch your stress levels this year!

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image of the rabbit chinese horoscope sign

The Rabbit

Rabbits it is time for a change both on the health and career front. If you are ready to focus on your physical appearance through diet and exercise, and focus on your career, do it now.

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image of the dragon chinese horoscope sign

The Dragon

Lucky Dragons this is a good year for you because your sign is harmonious with the Rooster. You Dragons are often admired by all…yet sometimes your life gets complicated. Time to find balance.

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image of the snake chinese horoscope sign

The Snake

The Chinese Zodiac shows that good luck awaits Snakes in 2017. You are likely to receive approval and recognition this year along with unexpected promotion, bonuses, and luck in romance.

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image of the horse chinese horoscope sign

The Horse

2017 brings you good news in love and romance for you Horse. YAY! The Year of the Red Fire Rooster brings you good luck in finances if you are careful and hard working too.

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image of the sheep goat chinese horoscope

The Sheep

Sheeps and Goats are known for their warmth and affection but can go off on a tangent in relationships and work. The key for Sheep this year is to stay busy but don’t forget to have time off to relax.

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The Monkey

Monkey you are usually the life of the party, however in 2017 it’s time to sober up and pay attention. You will have to make sensible choices in relationships and in your career.

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image of the rooster chinese horoscope sign

The Rooster

Well it’s a big and important year for you Roosters! We’ve come around to the start of the cycle so it’s your year! Don’t take unnecessary risks. Be sensible and prudent this year.

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The Dog

Be careful with your money and your career this year. You may need to work harder and smarter than previously. Lucky for you that you have the ability to step up and meet the challenges.

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image of the pig chinese horoscope sign

The Pig

Pigs are likely to experience a better year than last year with improvement in career at least. Finances won’t be bad either and love could be just around the corner! Pigs are known for their hard work and dedication.

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