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february horoscope newsletter 2023

February Horoscopes 2023 ( Newsletter 01/02/2023 )

February 2023 is a little bit quieter which is a good thing, especially with a mega March coming up next month. February and March are the only months this year where we don’t have any retrograding planets or any eclipses! At the beginning of the month, there’s an amplified healing energy, so pay attention and take action to release pain from the past.

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january horoscope newsletter 2023

January Horoscopes 2023 ( Newsletter 01/01/2023 )

All star signs are blessed with the ‘Eagle Eye’ pattern involving Saturn, Mercury and Neptune. This energy pattern brings intuition and insight to the area where Saturn is focused in your chart. This also brings some flexibility and spiritual awareness around an area where you have likely been restricted for the past 18 months or so.

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december horoscope newsletter 2022

December Horoscopes 2022 ( Newsletter 01/12/2022 )

December could be rather exciting for many people… we don’t have the stress and strain of eclipses. Jupiter is changing sign into Aries which should bring a lot of positivity, optimism and potential good luck. And Neptune is also turning direct in Pisces which could really give us all a BIG spiritual boost. We may feel more intuitive or psychic this month.

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november horoscope newsletter 2022

November Horoscopes 2022 ( Newsletter 01/11/2022 )

What a change in the air there is this November. We have a ton of planets entering Sagittarius this month which really bodes well for increased confidence, optimism, and good luck! Finally! Star signs most affected are Sagittarius of course, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, but all star signs are blessed to some degree. Venus in Sagittarius brings positivity in love, beauty, finances and oils the wheels of relationships.

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october horoscope newsletter 2022

October Horoscopes 2022 ( Newsletter 01/10/2022 )

What a big and important month we have coming up in October! We start the month off with a Grand Cross involving Neptune, Mars, Mercury retrograde, and the Moon. This will affect all star signs and could bring particularly intense feelings on the 1st and 2nd October. The Moon will move forward, and this aspect pattern will dissolve relatively quickly, but the intensity may be felt for a while longer.

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september horoscope newsletter 2022

September Horoscopes 2022 ( Newsletter 01/09/2022 )

Hello and welcome to another big month in the astrological heavens this September. We have a number of things going on this month which pretty well affects everyone. Firstly to start off the month, we have a “Finger of God” pointing to the focal point of Venus. Depending on where Venus is in your chart, you’re likely to have an amplification of spiritual and creative energy which is being fuelled by Neptune and Pluto.

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august horoscope newsletter 2022

August Horoscopes 2022 ( Newsletter 01/08/2022 )

Welcome to the August 2022 Horoscope Overview. We have the ‘Finger of God’, otherwise known as a Yod and this is a very spiritual and creative force involving Neptune and Pluto directing the energies of fate towards your planet Mercury. Your communications are likely to take on a spiritual tone or perhaps you’re thinking more about spiritual things during August.

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