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september horoscope newsletter 2022

September Horoscopes 2022 ( Newsletter 01/09/2022 )

Hello and welcome to another big month in the astrological heavens this September. We have a number of things going on this month which pretty well affects everyone. Firstly to start off the month, we have a “Finger of God” pointing to the focal point of Venus. Depending on where Venus is in your chart, you’re likely to have an amplification of spiritual and creative energy which is being fuelled by Neptune and Pluto.

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august horoscope newsletter 2022

August Horoscopes 2022 ( Newsletter 01/08/2022 )

Welcome to the August 2022 Horoscope Overview. We have the ‘Finger of God’, otherwise known as a Yod and this is a very spiritual and creative force involving Neptune and Pluto directing the energies of fate towards your planet Mercury. Your communications are likely to take on a spiritual tone or perhaps you’re thinking more about spiritual things during August.

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