August 2023 Horoscope for all Star Signs

August 2023 Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs

Here’s your online astrology overview for the August Horoscope for all 12 zodiac signs. Whilst we have no eclipses, we have five retrograding planets plus the Moon’s nodes, which is not unusual. When planets appear to be going ‘backwards’ in the night sky, it’s a great time to become more reflective and get in touch with your inner world.

Double Sturgeon Supermoons this month!

Although not strictly of any astrological significance, there are two Sturgeon Supermoons – the first occurring August 1st in Aquarius and the second Supermoon is in Pisces on the 30th at the end of the month. This one is in fact a ‘Blue’ Sturgeon Supermoon because there are two Full Moons in this calendar month August. According to NASA, a Supermoon is up to 30% brighter and up to 17% larger than the faintest Full Moon when it is farthest away from the Earth. A Supermoon occurs within 90% of its usual closest distance of 363,000km or about 327,000km away from the Earth. These two Supermoons suggest increased growth and development of your ideals and talents through the tension of creative change and emotional turbulence:

“Amidst the darkness, the heavens’ gleam,
Double the Sturgeon Supermoons, a stunning dream.
With magic above, a celestial theme,
Twice the wonder, in the moonlit stream.”

August 2023 Horoscopes – Zodiac Sign Focus on Leo

A big Happy Birthday to all those born July 23rd until August 22nd. Key energies will include leadership, confidence, creativity, determination, generosity, warmth, attention, recognition, drama, playfulness and self-expression. It’s a time for embracing one’s unique qualities, pursuing goals with ambition, and expressing creativity and authenticity.

Leo star sign is ruled by the Sun which will be in opposition to the Full Moon in Aquarius. This indicates a dynamic tension between individuality and self-expression versus the collective consciousness and humanitarianism of the Supermoon. It encourages us to find balance between personal desires and the greater good, fostering collaboration and recognising the value of both individuality and interconnectedness.

When the Supermoon is in Pisces on the 30th, the Sun will be opposite in Virgo. This will bring a contrast between practicality and compassion. It encourages us to find harmony between daily responsibilities and emotional needs, fostering empathy and intuition while staying grounded. This is a time for self-reflection, emotional healing and balancing material and spiritual aspects of life.

With a New Moon also in Leo gracing us on August 16, it’s a new beginning for planting seeds regarding creativity, growth and awareness. You may feel a little more dramatic, warm, effusive and exuberant! People are likely to notice you, particularly if you are a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

The Lion’s Gate Portal

The Lions Gate is a cosmic alignment that peaks on August 8th, involving the Sun in Leo closely aligning with the Fixed Star Sirius. This energetic portal commences July 28 and is open until August 12. Ancient Egyptians associated Sirius with the agricultural goddess Sopdet, and its heliacal rising (rising on the horizon) marked the annual flooding of the Nile River and the start of a new year. This alignment encourages self-love, confidence, and self-expression. It reminds us to be brave, free, and unapologetic in pursuing our desires and worthiness. The Lion’s Gate Portal offers an opportunity for spiritual growth and empowerment.

Sun enters Virgo on August 23

When the Sun enters the star sign of Virgo, it can signify a time of increased practicality, attention to detail, and a focus on improving efficiency and productivity in various aspects of life. It can also bring about a heightened sense of organisation and analytical thinking. You may also feel like cleaning and getting to work on reorganising your home or work space. You may gain new insights in how to make better use of your time and how to organise your life more efficiently. Time to clean out those wardrobes and cupboards!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo August 23 – September 14

Conversations and brilliant ideas about your health, the environment and systemization are likely. However when Mercury changes direction, things may slow down, be delayed or communications could even become confused. It’s a fine time for completing anything you started prior to about the 16th however starting new things could bring unexpected issues. It’s not the best time to sign contracts or to travel as delays and changes could easily occur.

Mercury here encourages us to focus on the details and analyse situations more critically, however when in backward motion, do be cautious that anything you say is delivered with clarity as miscommunications can result. It’s also important to guard against becoming overly critical or perfectionistic during this period.

Mars Enters Libra August 27

Not exactly at home in Libra, Mars can get a bit impatient or testy. Libra likes to take their time, but Mars likes to push the envelope. However this combo can be great for passion, whether that be in or outside the bedroom. The ruler of Libra is Venus which is in backward motion until next month, so love could be a little bit distant or you need to find another way to deal with relationships.

Mars is the planet associated with action, energy, and assertiveness, while Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, and diplomacy. When Mars enters Libra, there may be a shift in the way people express their assertiveness and handle conflicts, emphasszing the importance of seeking compromise and maintaining harmonious relationships. This transit can bring opportunities to approach challenges with tact and cooperation, seeking win-win solutions in various aspects of life.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Uranus represents innovation, rebellion, and sudden change, while Taurus is associated with stability, material possessions, and values. During Uranus Retrograde in Taurus (which is ruled by Venus which is also retrograde), there might be a focus on reevaluating personal values, relationships, financial matters, and the need for personal freedom. You may experience unexpected shifts, internal awakenings, and a reexamination of traditional beliefs or structures to bring about transformation and progress.

Saturn Approaches the Earth August 27

Saturn’s closest approach to the Earth at 830 million miles in opposition means the Earth will be between the Sun and Saturn. This is quite an usual happening once or twice each year. For those sensitive souls, you may notice a slight increase in structure, issues with authority figures or with timing and scheduling. A close approach by Saturn (especially for Capricorns and Aquarians) brings a focus on discipline, responsibility and career aspirations. It can be a time of hard work, determination, and self-reflection to achieve long-term goals. Challenges may arise, encouraging growth and overcoming obstacles. Individual effects depend on the birth chart, and consulting one of our psychic astrologers provides personalized insights.

Perseids Meteor Shower July 28 to August 12

Perseids meteor shower hailing from the constellation of Perseus will put on a dazzling display – it’s a celestial showstopper, lighting up the night sky with shooting stars! In good cloudless conditions, we can expect to see up to 50 or perhaps even 100 shooting stars per hour.

However, it’s not just about pretty lights; there’s some deep meaning here too. Watching the Perseids can make you feel empowered and inspired, like the Universe is saying, “Hey, you’ve got the power to shine too!” It’s like a cosmic reminder to follow your passions, be creative, and go after what you love. So, let’s take some inspiration from the Perseus-Medusa myth and face our fears, embrace change, and maybe even discover our own heroic journeys in the process. Grab a blanket, find a comfy spot, and gaze at the stars, celebrating the beauty and wonder of the cosmos!

As you may have gathered, this really is a month to prioritise self-care because you may feel a tad exhausted with low energy levels processing all these transFORMative energies. It’s time for some self-compassion! Always trust your intuition and destiny will guide you to exactly where you need to be. You’re on your path in your chosen direction towards new possibilities.

Overall, this month presents some opportunities for growth and development of your talents and ideals through creative tension and emotional challenge.

Now check your Sun sign, rising sign (Ascendant) and your Moon sign!

Wishing you a fabulous month 🙂

Your friendly psychic astrologer, Rose Smith 🙂