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Astrology Reports FAQs

We also have a large variety of astrology (horoscope) reports available. Essentially, astrology explores, charts and predicts (a horoscope) the likely influences of the sun, moon and planets upon our personality. When an astrological influence occurs that we don’t particularly enjoy, we do not have to cave into helplessness, but rather that we can work with that energy and choose our response to any given situation that the planets may conspire to arise.

It makes sense when you think about the effects of the moon on our ocean tides. When humans are composed mostly of water, how much does this and the combined gravitational pull of planets affect our personalities and our emotions? Large solar bodies must have some influence over how we feel. Mental health professionals often say certain patients they work with have strange aberrant behaviours during a full moon. This is also a well-documented fact in other institutions including gaols (or jails if you’re in the USA). So watch out for that full moon!

In astrology, the moon governs our emotions and subconscious. It is also well documented that crime rates increase with the full moon. There are also gardening guides for planting by the moon and women’s menstrual cycles may also align with the moon’s cycles. Some believe that if a woman’s cycle does not line up with the moon, her system is out of balance which can be due to the affects of the pill, a modern lifestyle, stress or a variety of other factors.

Astrology is the original foundation of astronomy and for hundreds of years men of intelligence combined science and astrology. Although the exact origins of astrology are not fully understood, there were connections with Babylon and Egypt thousands of years ago. It is older than religion and has been followed by more people through history than any other school of organised thought.

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