Asteroid Vesta 2020

Vesta Asteroid

Vesta The Priestess

Asteroid Vesta was named after the Virgin Goddess Priestess. It’s important to note that the word ‘virgin’ here means ‘a woman one in herself’. This means she is not dependent on any one man. She may be with a man if she chooses but she is financially and psychologically independent.

One of Priestess Vesta’s sacred duties was to keep the hearth fire lit which was believed to keep Rome safe from marauders. In other words, make the home a sacred, warm and safe place for family… very important work!

History of Vesta

If the Vestal virgins fell in love with any one man or failed in their duties, they would be buried alive! In order to run the Temple of Vesta chosen women had to spend 30 years in duty to the Goddess. During this time, they would initiate men into the Goddess religion through sacred sex. This is where the concept of prostitution originally came from, but it was not prostitution as we know it now, as the Vestal Virgins were very highly regarded by all levels of Roman society. They were treated with nearly as much honour and respect as their Emperors.

Money given by men went to the upkeep of the Temple of Vesta not to individual Vestal virgins. Later in history, the Vestal Virgins became celibate and were no longer permitted to have sex with men, they became like ‘modern day nuns’ and were subjected to the will of priests rather than being independent.

Vesta Is Not Retrograde in 2020!

When Vesta is retrograde, issues can come up about fear of sexuality or intimacy, obsession, prostitution or selling yourself short in some way. Dependency or codependence may take your freedom leading you to think that you actually need a man.

Characteristic Influences of Vesta

Sacred sexuality, devotion and heartfelt service are likely if your natal chart is well aspected by Vesta and when Vesta turns direct these abilities are strengthened:

  • Talent in serving others
  • Spirituality and ‘wholeness’ rather than ‘holiness’
  • Enhanced healthy sexuality
  • Independence
  • Personal freedom
  • Healthy relationships

Those Most Impacted when Vesta is Retrograde

  • Religious workers including priests and nuns
  • Those who spend a lot of time alone
  • Sex therapists and those who regard sex as sacred
  • Those born under the zodiac signs Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn

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