Asteroid Pallas 2020

Asteroid Pallas Retrograde 2020

Pallas Retrograde 18 May 2020 – 5 September 2020

Pallas The Wise Warrior

The asteroid Pallas is named after the wise warrior Goddess Pallas Athena (Pallas accidentally killed her friend Athena so took her name as a mark of respect). Story goes that Pallas Athena was born wearing armour and fully grown from the God Jupiter’s head. Makes complete sense… right? Well, actually yes because Pallas Athena represents analytical and strategic thinking. She rules wisdom, logical thinking, justice, cities, maturity, alpha females (especially female lawyers and judges) and father-daughter relationships. If your natal astrology chart has Pallas negatively aspected, there may be aggression, injustice, immaturity, juvenile delinquency and fatherhood issues.

Energies May Be Felt Globally

When Pallas goes retrograde as she does May 18 to September 5, 2020 then issues with authority and fatherhood figures will rise. Rebellion, rage and injustice could sweep across the world on personal and collective levels. People become just plain unreasonable and illogical… moreso than normal! Any base instinct may rise up including lust, murder, selfishness and there will be much remorse afterwards.

When direct, Pallas tempers our base instincts to some extent. We are more likely to think logically before speaking and acting. We consider the full picture rather than just our own selfish motives. Power over others is put aside as we realise pure and unabated selfishness is not good for society as a whole.

Reconsider Goals

When Pallas is retrograde, we can be forced into a position where we must reconsider our goals both on personal and collective levels. We are forced into changing society to something better by experiencing real and extensive suffering and pain. Pallas retrograde forces us to become more conscious personally and as a society enabling real transformation across the world.

Characteristic Influences of Pallas

Wisdom, strategic thinking, justice and healthy father-daughter relationships are likely if your natal chart is well aspected by Pallas and when Pallas turns direct these abilities are strengthened:

  • Talent in law and justice
  • Talent in strategic thinking and mental brilliance
  • Good confidence and self esteem
  • Healthy relationships with the opposite sex
  • Good competitive instincts and skills

Those Most Impacted by Pallas Retrograde in 2020

  • Those in the legal system especially female lawyers and judges
  • Those working where extensive wisdom is required
  • Professional sports people, especially women
  • Those working in defence and the arms industries
  • Those working in city management or planning

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