Asteroid Juno 2020

Asteroid Juno Retrograde 2020

Juno Retrograde 8 February 2020 – 21 June 2020

Juno The Queen

Initially considered as to be a planet and orbiting slightly closer to the sun than Pallas or Ceres, Juno was named after the mythological Queen of all Roman Goddesses. Queen Juno was regarded as a female guardian angel, as she looked after women and ruled over marriage. She also represented the feminine principle of life and was the ‘savior’ of both women and the state.

History of Juno

Unfortunately for poor Juno, her husband Jupiter was a serial cheater and although she represented the perfect Queen wife archetype, he could never be satisfied. So, Juno turned her hand to enacting revenge for his wandering ways.

When asteroid Juno goes retrograde woe betide anyone who has done the wrong thing by a Queen-wife! She can suddenly change into a serial cheater herself or enact revenge through manipulation and abuse. Her dignity and elegance transform to teach harsh karmic lessons.

Make or Break Time in Relationships

In 2020 Juno retrograde coincides with Venus retrograde, so this will be double trouble for those doing the wrong thing in their relationships. This could be ‘make or break’ time for some relationships as these Goddesses won’t muck about after deeply examining issues that have been plaguing their relationships for years.

Characteristic Influences of Juno

Leadership, steadfastness, commitment and dignity are likely if your natal chart is well aspected by Juno and when Juno turns direct these abilities are strengthened:

  • Talent in diplomacy and negotiation
  • Advocacy and partnership
  • Relationship skills
  • Leadership
  • Ability to bring up old relationship issues for healing and release, one way or the other

Those Most Impacted by Juno Retrograde in 2020

  • Those working for the Government, especially women
  • Female leaders including governmental heads
  • Those doing traditional ‘womens’ work’… whatever that is!
  • Royalty and those who follow royals
  • Negotiators and diplomats
  • Those working in the wedding industry including celebrants and wedding event specialists
  • Wives
  • Partners of all kinds including business partners and husbands
  • Those born under the zodiac signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

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